Twilight Mania Anyone?


I got a few minutes here before someone comes by to pick something up and then we leave for lunch.

Molly is obsessed with Twilight. She got the first book for her birthday last December. At first I was apprehensive. She just turned 9 and I know she reads very well…but was this too adult for her. After much interviewing of my classmates who had read the book I gave in and got it for her. She has read it 3 times since then. If you have seen the size of that book you would know that it’s one hell of a feat to read it completely through 3 times…and including the sneak peek at the sequel at the end.

Then the movie came out and that was all I heard. When it hit store shelves last weekend molly wouldn’t shut up. Made me wonder, was I this bad about NKOTB with my parents?? If so I formally apologize now! We caved and got it for her. She watched it 4 times in a matter of 5 days. The fifth day is when we put our foot down, NO KID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

So yesterday I was in Hell-Mart (aka Wal-Mart) in a crisis to buy some stuff for Claire who is quickly outgrowing everything. What do I see? Twilight merchandise in a corner. What do I do? I buy the kid a tee shirt, dogtags, AND a messenger bag.


So after all that bitching I did about her incessant talk about Edward and Bella, watching the movie too much, and the constant reminders to “just read the book mom, you will love it”, I turn around and buy her the crap. It was worth it seeing that huge smile on her face!


~ by alegna75 on March 27, 2009.

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  1. The book was wonderful. The next 3 I don’t know if I would have been able to handle at that age, the next 2 movies are already in the works. I watched (and bought) the movie ~ when I first watched it from the book stand point I didn’t like it all that much but when I re-watched from just a movie stand point it wasn’t all that bad. And I agree with her, you should read the book ~ teenage love with vampires ~ what’s wrong with that? lol

  2. I gave in and agreed to let my 10 year old get the first book – it’s still pretty tame for the most part. I told her she won’t be getting the others for a couple of years, though.

    The t-shirt is uber cute!

  3. I have New Moon already, I got both books for $10 at Sam’s one day last November. The other two I haven’t bought yet and I am waiting it out as long as possible. She doesn’t know I already have New Moon and has talked nothing but how she “needs” to read it lol. I figure she can get it for her birthday again (aren’t I a meanie?). Now that she gets an allowance, she has been talking about buying her own books. I just keep saying, “We will see”.

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