What Is Fair Game In The Blogosphere?

I had a discussion last night. Since I don’t wish to reveal names, the person I had this discussion with is Miss X. It involves Miss Y.

In a nutshell I have recently embarrassed Miss Y on my blog. Please understand, it was never my intention to embarrass anyone. The post in question was as vague as I could possibly make it. I didn’t mention any names, any places, any time frames. I tried to even add something to the situation to dilute it as much as possible, and the biggest focus was my involvement of the situation not Miss Y. Miss Y was embarrassed because she figured certain people would know it was about her. What Miss Y didn’t know was that those certain people don’t read my blog. To be honest I don’t think they even know I have a blog.

My blog has always been about me. Where I come and air my problems, my thoughts, my feelings. It is where I come to vent and let things out. I am pretty sure that my long time readers can attest that I don’t hold myself back and really show the inner me that many don’t see on a day to day basis. This is my personal diary. The day that I feel I cannot come here and put it out there is the day I close this blog.

Miss X pointed out that perhaps it is not fair game to put things out there that involve other people. She said had it been her she would have been embarrassed too. Fair enough, I can certainly see that point.  But, I am going to argue that perhaps there are times where we need the embarrassment to better ourselves. And let’s face it, we as humans are very opinionated about what others do. I have been accused of a lot of things in my life that I have not done and I have been embarrassed for the things that I have done. I have survived. So will Octomom.

So now I ask you, what is your take on it? If you know someone is stealing money from their boss, cheating on a spouse or significant other, looks at porn while at work, or any number of things that people do….is it fair game for you to blog about it. Remember, it must be diluted and mention no names, places, or time frames. We aren’t talking about being vindictive and announcing to the world that “Angela has sex with her boss’s goats**”. We are talking simply venting and releasing whatever issues we have with the issue and our involvement with the issue (ie knowing that Angela has screwed the goats**).

** For clarification, I have never and will never have sex with my boss’s goats. This was a fictitious statement for the sake of the blog and I used MY name. It could be possible that an Angela somewhere on this globe does have sex with her boss’s goats, I simply do not know this person and it would be mere coincidence.**


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4 Responses to “What Is Fair Game In The Blogosphere?”

  1. I think anything is fair game on your own personal blog, providing if it’s about other people third parties can’t identify them. Lets face it, if people know who you’re talking about, chances are they already know about the situation you’re blogging about anyway

  2. For me if it’s vague and you aren’t using real names it shouldn’t matter. Then again for my blog pretty much everyone reading it don’t live in my area. It’s not like you are attacking them and acting embarassed only draws attention to the fact that it was them.

  3. I think your friend is overreacting. 🙂

  4. Lizsara my thoughts exactly!

    Jessi & Verybadcat, yes I think that is exactly what she has done. Because of my blog Miss Y has removed herself from alot of the things our circle of people do. And now everyone wants to know why and only two of us know why. If I really wanted to embarrass her I would have totally done it. But I think it goes beyond just embarrassment. I really think she is dealing with the wrong she was doing.

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