The Blog Post About……Nothing.

I am in the mood to write and I have nothing to say. How odd is that? I am one of the most opinionated people I know and I cannot think of a thing to say. Perhaps the flood of 1099’s, 1040’s, D400’s, K1’s, and ABC4932’s*  have turned my brain into mush? Or perhaps I have hit a new level of boredom.

Some people say that my life is so exciting with all that I do. School, work (and it’s tax season), and kids take up 90% of my day. Sometimes I squeeze some knitting, snipe-hunting* or ghosthunting in. But let’s face it…I am boring. I cannot think of something witty to say. I can’t even come up with something borderline controversial! I guess I need to watch some Ann Coulter to get the creative juices flowing.

In all reality, this blog post is my way of crying and moaning about the fact that I am in the stage of “OMG would tax season be over already so I can be fun and cool again!” which precedes “If one more person calls this office I will go postal!” which in turns precedes ” This just in…woman of about 33 loses it in Federal Building in downtown Asheville this afternoon around 4 pm. Officers say she attacked the ladies in the office with tickets after they refused to speak to her until she got a ticket despite NO ONE ELSE being in the office. At least 4 ladies are in critical condition with paper cuts to the eyes. The unidentified woman was last seen running down Wall Street with a trail of tickets screaming  ‘ I NEED MORE 8109’s’. Police say this woman is dangerous and should not be approached.”

Maybe I didn’t lose my wit after all?

* indicates that these things DO NOT EXIST!


~ by alegna75 on March 19, 2009.

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  1. LOL… Sorry! I’m in the other side of this swing lately. I have too many things to blog about. Ideas everywhere. Trying to space em out is getting to me lol. Plus I have other things I need to do too of course…

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