Run For The Hills, It’s “Happening”!

In an effort to catch up on my ever-growing list of movies to see, I watched “The Happening” last night.  This is one of those movies that you cannot NOT talk about the plot. Sooooo……..


Assuming that you are still with me that means you either (1) have seen the movie or (2) don’t care to see it. If you haven’t seen it, want to see it, and continue reading I am no longer responsible for ruining the movie for you.

To start, I figured it out within minutes…well sort of. I waited for confirmation which I got long before they actually said it outloud. Nursery dude talking to his plants was all the confirmation I needed. Shyamalan doesn’t hesitate to get down to business in his movies. That is one quality I really love. Another thing I love, I don’t consider his movies horror so much as they are psychological “thrillers”.  There are a few jump-out-your-skin moments (like finding all the guys hanging from trees) but what bugged me the most was the sheer calmness of the infected who killed theirselves. I simply sat with my mouth wide opening trying to conceive doing such a thing. How can one turn on a riding lawn mower and then lay down so it runs over them? Or walk off the top of a building? That is what else I love about Shyamalan, he goes to a whole new level with making you think and brings whole new ideas to the table.

I would argue that this movie had some pagan overtones. The idea that nature (whether it be just the wind or trees or grass or all of nature) reclaiming the space is not too far fetched for us pagans. I don’t mean that we actually fear an uprising by our tulips but we honor the earth and her gifts so much that for her to retaliate to those who disrespect her is completely natural. Or at least for this pagan anyway.

The ending was intense. And to quote my hubby “it’s one of your ‘no hope for humanity’ movies”. Although this movie is by far weaker in the area of ‘no hope for humanity’. The typical argument that it was all a government conspiracy really killed me. Sure, our government is capable of conspiring and I have no doubt that they do and will continue to do so. But not everything can be conveniently blamed on the government. And thankfully Shyamalan showed us that Mother Nature had a message for those in Italy.

I was only left with one question, why in Central Park and in Italy did you hear one woman scream when the infection began? I don’t remember hearing it at any other time in the movie.


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  1. Interesting… I wasn’t interested in watching it until after I read this… how does that fit in the disclaimer? LOL

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