Watch Out For Them Mirrors!

So it’s no secret that I am perpetually behind on movies. I don’t go to the theater often….it’s twenty bucks for me and one person to get in the door and I can think of better ways to spend that twenty bucks.

While at the store yesterday hubs saw that “Mirrors: Unrated” was on sale for $10. I jumped at it. I had totally wanted to see it and was thrilled we found it so cheap. I also had rented “The Happening” the other night. Hubs didn’t have an interest in “The Happening” but he loves Keiffer Sutherland so we watched “Mirrors” last night.

It was intense. This had the perfect blend of suspenseful music, good acting, and crap that makes you jump out your seat and piss your pants. If you haven’t seen it yet, do watch it. I will mention a couple scenes but I promise I won’t give away the whole plot or the end. Since we have the unrated version we could watch the theater version or the unrated with alternate ending. We haven’t seen the alternate ending yet.

The main thing about the movie is that there are these evil ghost-like things in the mirror looking out. They take shape of whomever is looking in the mirror. It’s a bit freaky to see someone looking in the mirror, that someone moves away and their reflection stays still. Even worse, these beings can kill you simply by killing your reflection. Whatever happens to your reflection happens to you.

The bathroom scene got me pretty bad. Angela (how ironic is that?) is prepping for a bath (which is mandatory in all horror flicks). As she moves away from the mirror her reflection stays. She climbs in and is soaking. The reflection grabs the top and bottom jaw and proceeds to rip the entire bottom jaw off. Then the camera pans to the chick in the tub and guess what….yep her jaw is being ripped off. Needless to say, my shower this morning consisted of me feeling the need to hold my jaw in place.

It certainly left me with the urge to not look into any window or mirror last night in order to avoid my reflection. Now call me silly, call me a wuss…it’s ok. I know I am. But nothing is funnier than my 6’4 hubby covering up the bedroom mirror because the movie creeped him out just as bad.

So if you like horror, go check it out. If you don’t…this movie is not for you!


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  1. I saw a trailer I THINK…is this the one where it looks like Keifer is in a burned out hotel and he is looking for someone who is screaming, only to see a reflection of a gory body reaching out to him in dressing room mirrors? UGH. You are brave…I can’t stand scary movies! I literally pee in my pants, unfortunately. lol

    • LOL!!! YEs that is the one! I am not so brave. I have literally peed myself at a haunted house once lol. When I watch scary movies hubs usually sits with me and holds my hands away from my face to which I squeeze my eyes shut whenever the scene gets super quiet or the creepy music comes on. I have a love/hate relationship with horror movies.

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