Natural Recharging

On Monday March 2nd we had gotten approximatley 5 inches of snow, although most of it melted when it hit the warm ground. It was about 25 degrees outside, but warmed up to a balmy 30. On Saturday March 7th, it was about 75 degrees. With it came a need to spend time outdoors, and we weren’t the only ones. We started off with lunch at Shoney’s after Molly got out of her class. Kyle had been going on about our lack of alone time so I decided to relinquish my to-do list for the day and spend time with him and the kids. I came up with a quick hike in the woods. We drove up by Lake Powahatan and found a trailhead that had some parking….most were full. I have to say that the walk was most enjoyable and really sparked something inside. I sometimes don’t notice the effect winter has on me until I step out onto a trail on a gorgeous warm day.


We enjoyed showing kids birds’ nests, spotting a woodpecker, hearing the squirrels and other birds.


At this time of year, our lives are very stressful. Although our kids seem to handle it well it’s nice to see the smiles coming from their faces and I know that they are wholeheartedly enjoying themselves.


After the walk we felt invigorated. Despite Kyle and I being overweight and insanely out of shape, we felt great and ready to take the kids elsewhere. We settled on a spot that we used to go many years ago when we dated and no little ones running around. It’s located by the Pisgah Fish Hatchery but is not a marked location. So that was fun just finding it lol.


Many years ago this tree was upright and had a rope swing attached. The river water is VERY cold. It is our equivalent for the Polar Bear Clubs lol. Anyway we used to swim across the river, climb up the rockface, grab the rope and swing out and drop. It was so much fun. To see the tree fallen almost brought me to tears to be honest. So to cheer ourselves up we encouraged the children to stick their toes into the water.


Molly got brave and decided to get a little more daring.


She almost fell in so she tried something that she thought would be more stable.


Unfortunatley, she wasn’t as stable as she thought.


Alex had snuck up on her to push her off, but he was too late. Claire decided it was time to show Molly that freezing river temperatures weren’t going to make a chicken out of her.


So of course this started a sibling rivalry of epic proportions and Molly simply could not be outdone!


By now the sun was going down and it was time to get out of the water. Plus I had a girl’s night out planned at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge (sorry no pics of that, I will next time we go cause OMG their chocolate is the shit!). Our day was one of the best days we had in awhile. The kids fell asleep on the way home and we began discussing how to get more outdoor time planned this summer so that we can rejuvenate ourselves more often. We are hoping to do at least once a month overnight camp trips and every other weekend hiking trips. I also want to take them tubing at least once this summer. We can’t spend a whole lot because we have Scarefest in September and Florida for Christmas. Given our area, we should be able to do outdoor trips cheaply….so I can’t wait!


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