Opportunity Knocks, Did You Answer?

I don’t have a whole lot of details just yet. I will in due time and I will be very happy to share the rest. For now though I just want to announce that I was asked to be an editor for the paranormal section of a soon-to-be-developed online pagan magazine. To say that I am very excited would be a major understatement lol. As a teen I knew I wanted to write. I wrote well according to my teachers. However I made some pretty bad choices and  I never really was the same. It’s not that I ever stopped writing, just that my writing changed and I assumed it just wasn’t good enough to share. During some time that I spent dealing with a drug addiction I picked the pen back up and wrote poems, and sometimes I just randomly babbled. I dropped the pen for awhile and then started again when I began blogging just about a year and half ago (I started over at blogspot before coming here to wordpress). Blogging became a way for me to sort through my thoughts and releive that need to write that has always been with me.

I am going to digress for just a minute.

If your not familiar with Randy Pausch and his Last Lecture I highly recommend you do so.  In a class I had last semester it was required that I watch it and write a synopsis. I had up until then avoided it because I feared it would make me insanely sad knowing he knew he was dying and perhaps needed to spread his message. However, I appreciate his lecture in a way I had not expected to and not once felt immensely sad.  In this lecture he talks about how he acheived his childhood dreams. Most importantly, he acheived them but not in the way he expected. Sometimes we need to be flexible with our dreams and take on something that maybe helps us reach our goal in a different way.

When I was agonizing (and seriously, I was) over whether to get on board with this editor position, it was this lecture that I thought of. I am not writing books like I had once imagined myself. I won’t be on the New York Bestseller List at any point in time (but hey if I do it when I am 90 that would rock!) but here I have the opportunity to be a published writer and editor. Why pass this up because I fear I won’t have the time or be able to do this well (and of course I automatically assumed I would be horrible)? This may be the only time someone comes to me with this opportunity, got to take it and run with it. Otherwise I will sit around and wonder….what if?

As I said before, when things are up and running…I will definetly be posting information about it here. In the meantime, I am sorting through some ideas and being very excited that I was asked!


~ by alegna75 on March 6, 2009.

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