Another Finished Project



I got them done. I used some of the Raspberry Moda Dea washable wool I had left from the purse (I still have half a skein, but I bought two skeins lol). One looks shorter in the pic but it’s just that that one is pulled up farther on her hand than the other. Molly loves them but I think she loves them because the name of the pattern is Frothy Gothy wristwarmers. I want to make a pair for me to wear to concert but right now I am focusing on a alpaca lace scarf for myself and I want to use some of the moda dea wool on designing a Zune case. And then maybe a phone case….cause I am nuts about trying to design some of my own things lol.

I still have a ton of things in my Ravelry queue. Lot sof sweaters and what not. But I have decided that I really need to focus on hubs afghan because I haven’t really worked on it. BAD ME! I keep thinking, eh I have until Christmas to give it to him but I have all my other Christmas presents finished. Sooo I really need to get on it so I can feel prepped for the holiday.

The alpaca yarn is lovely. Feels so wonderful to touch. BUT. I am having an issue with my needles. I am using an 8mm (US 11 i beleive) straight bamboo needles. I personally prefer wooden needles as opposed to the metal ones. However, the alpaca sometimes doesn’t want to move or move too much. My stitches aren’t tight or anything, the lace is coming out perfect. So I dunno if it’s just normal for alpaca to react that way or if it’s because of the needles or what. I am not giving up on it though. This little scarf is gonna feel so good wrapped around my neck. Especially now that I have chopped all my hair off.

I normally get my hair cut at this time of year. I am not well known for getting my hair cut more than once a year. Before my hair was shoulder length.


Pardon those zits, I am working on that with some stuff I got at walmart. Anywho my hair knots at the mere sight of air. I mean really…I have to constantly brush it and still end up with major knots. And I hate spending that much time on my hair…never have been one for spening an hour in the bathroom getting my appearance just right.

So anyway, i have been getting bored, wanted something new. I spent hours looking at pics (of non-celebrities) and finding nothing for what I wanted. I was thinking long bob in front and stacked in the back (kinda like a reverse mullet!). I about gave up when I saw a picture of Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice). Yea…totally what I was looking for. So I did it.



I couldn’t get my head angled right but the front comes just below the chin and the back is SHORT and stacked. I had gone to my friend Tom whom owns a barber shop (Tom’s Barber Shop on Haywood Road for all you locals!). I couldn’t be happier with my hair! I don’t think it looks as good in pics as it does in person. I ain’t photogenic much. But anyway, I transformed myself once again. Now I need some funky (but ok for a business office) coloring. I did touch it up with some red just to get rid of my gray blonde roots. I totally want to keep my hair up so I guess I will be visiting somewhat regularly for a trim. Can’t beat $15 at the barber shop as opposed to $50 at the salon!


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