Flu, Coraline, & A Swap Box

Ok so they all don’t have anything in common….other than they have been in my life in the last week.

The flu hit our home and it wasn’t pretty. Last Wednesday and Thursday was my round. Friday and Saturday Claire, Alex and hubby had it. Ironically, Molly has yet to have it. That is probably because Friday I took her out to eat dinner and to see Coraline (we loved it!). Saturday morning she had her class and then she went to SNB with me. During that a friend had called and I made plans for us to go to her house and watch Corpse Bride (another great movie). So between Friday and Saturday Molly was home all of 15 minutes outside of sleeping. As it is Claire is on Round Two of it and was home today. Yesterday and Sunday we had a ton of snow so our work/school schedules got all monkeyed up.

I got to work today around 3-ish and saw a package here for me. I joined the Ten Dollar Swap Group on Ravelry. Basic premise, each month we have themes. We get paired up. Our swap box is to total $10 (some do more and that is ok) of items they think their partner will like. My partner was pleased with what I sent and I got her package today.


The red and black things on either side are salt & pepper shakers…super cute! In the middle with the skulls is a handmade bag. She also included some candles in red candle holders, some alpaca yarn (can’t wait to use it!) and a ton of Now & Laters (more are in the bag lol). This was my first swap ever and I have to say that I really enjoyed putting together stuff for my partner. And of course squealing with delight when I opened mine lol!


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