Let’s Talk About Sex Baby……and Breastfeeding.

So locally we have had some breastfeeding drama. Drama that has gone way too far, so I am not even going to go down that road of immaturity. I want to disclose something before I begin this post. I never breastfed. I have specific reasons why and it would have been more emotionally detrimental for my children and myself had I forced myself to do so. I tried, but it simply was too much. However, whenever a new pregnant mom has asked me my opinion I have ALWAYS told them to try breastfeeding. I would never and will never put a woman down for how she chooses to feed her children. I don’t put much stock into the alleged statistics that say BF’d children are smarter/healthier/grew faster or whatever else claim that wants to be made (cough cough my 9 year old is taking a physics class at a university cough cough). Statistics can be skewed to show exactly what you want. Children are individuals and should never be raised in a specific box. What works for one is not a guaranteed method for another. Bottom line is….FEED your kids!

My other disclosure, I use the term Breastfeeding Nazi’s to very specific type women. I don’t call ALL bf’ers Nazi’s simply because (1) I mean it in a very negative way and (2) alot of bf’ers are very sweet people that I don’t find to be judgemental at all. It’s the Nazi’s that give bf’ers a bad rap and set women in general back a few years every time one of them opens their mouths. In my humble opinion of course.

So now to the topic at hand. So there was an issue with a woman breastfeeding in a restaurant. I was not there so I am not going to try and speculate how much breast she was showing or if it really matters. What has me very irritated (aside from the childish behavior) is something that certain Nazi’s have been saying. “Breasts should not be sexualized, they have a function”. Ok I agree that they do provide the natural function of feeding our children. I won’t begin to argue that. BUT I call bullshit on breasts not being sexualized. First of all they have a HUGE sexual function. They are an errogenous zone. It is natural for men and women to be attracted to breasts. It is impossible for humans to NOT sexualize the breast. Now I cannot speak for men but when a breast is being used to feed a child I don’t think they are all that hot. Maybe men do? So what? You can’t stop natural urges.

Perhaps these women are these bible-thumpers who feel that god only provided them with the breasts for feeding children? Does that mean they only engage in missionary sex? Or that they only have sex to reproduce and not for recreation? Well, by that very thinking the penis should not be sexualized much since it’s only function is to provide sperm to create a child with.

What the hell do those women think men are looking at at strip clubs? Or are these same women appalled that strip clubs are around?

The whole statement is ridiculous. Breasts are sexual and are functional in a non-sexual way. If they want to de-sexualize their breasts, by all means have at it. It’s America, you have that freedom. But don’t expect the rest of us, whom appreciate sex, breast fondling, and anything else non-missionary, to jump that bandwagon. My breasts are sexualized and I am proud of that!!!!!!!!


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  1. Meh. I get so tired of both sides. Breasts are sexual. Breastfeeding is not so sexual, at least from my experience as an observer. If you don’t like breastfeeding, don’t watch. Sorry to break it to breastfeeders, but people are offended by you and your milk. Of course the feeders have every right to feed on, but expecting that people aren’t going to be uncomfortable is a little much. I think that’s a great ideal to work towards, but I could have told the lady that someone at Denny’s was going to be offended by her nursing. Am I making any sense?

    When I swear in the grocery store, I get a dirty look from nearby mothers. Certainly, I wouldn’t expect to be thrown out of the grocery store for it. I also wouldn’t expect mothers with small children not to get pissy with me for using the f-word in the cereal aisle in hearing distance of curious little ears.

    So it’s like that. Except just substitute breastfeeding with saying the f-word. Wait. No. I didn’t mean.

    Yeah, I’m with you. I give up. I like boobs, though. Just in general. Mine and everyone else’s. I’m going to stop now.

  2. My issue with this is how do you explain the fact that in most other cultures women breastfeed (bare breasted) in public w/ no issues. It’s not seen as a sexual thing at all. I agree w/ you that they do have a sexual function, but people in this country still need to get over the fact that many of us do use them for another purpose that is not sexual at all. I would much rather my husband (and children when older) see a woman feeding her child (covered or not) than one wearing some little bikini top or some of the “dresses” that celebrities wear. Feeding = not sexual… Boobs hanging out for no reason is… (note: I’ve worn my fare share of those lol… so I’m not bashing there.. just a fact of life)

  3. I agree, bf’ing shouldn’t be such a taboo thing in or country. And that is the extent of the drama, yet those that are getting blamed for it are not the right ones to blame. I think my issue is that these particular women are very adamant….so adamant that it comes across wrong. Well to me anyway lol.

  4. I can understand that (how it’d come across wrong) but I can see their standpoint too… because it’s hard not too get so adamant or at least very defensive when you’ve had people tell you to feed your child in a dirty bathroom or make you feel like you’re doing something wrong just for breastfeeding… I try to be nice about it… but I’ve been in those positions too and its frusterating.

  5. I think the problem comes in when the human body is OVER-sexualized. Of course breasts are sexual. It’s the douche people who think anything to do with them has some sort of sexual flavor.

    You never hear these kinds of problems in any other country where women have equality. Women breast feed, go topless on the beaches – it’s all natural and accepted.

    For a country who prides itself on being so forward thinking and “advanced”, we have a LOT of hangups!

  6. I smell a new topic…our prudish-ness!

    What is amazing is that this is the first time that anything like this has happened in our town. TO be honest I was shocked simply because every tree-hugging all natural mom migrates here because it is a haven for doing things the natural way. This post was more about me just venting over these specific women. Even after higher ups have been trying to bend over backwards to make things right, they still say it’s not enough. And in all honesty, for these women nothing will be enough.

  7. I have a question, are you in the town it happened in? Because in every report I read the company was sticking their foots straight in their mouths (lol) and definately not bending over backwards to make things right. Of course, I’m not there and only reading the news reports of what they’ve said…

    I will be very interested to see that new topic btw lol…

  8. Yes, the restaurant is 3 minutes from my home. They got put in a VERY BAD position. People complained about the woman in question breastfeeding and when she didn’t comply with covering up (not something i agree with) about 10 or more tables walked out. The restaurant was trying to save their employees from losing too much money. I have to say that if one person caused me to lose that much in tips, i would be pissed as hell. I am not saying that its right or wrong, just a very shitty position to be in. And I don’t necessarily think that getting her to leave was right, but no matter WHAT they did they would have been screwed. The worst part is that the regional manager explained that he CANNOT change the restaurant policy but he is willing to work with the protestors to get it changed. This is where i get very angry, the protestors said it’s not good enough and continued on protesting AFTER they agreed that if they got an apology (which is when the RM said he wanted to help get the policy changed) they would back off. She has been on our news and she has changed her story 3 freaking times and then does that, I no longer think that it was solely about her breastfeeding. I think she got a taste of local fame and is trying to milk it for what she can.

  9. Oh I meant to add that the issue was with diners complaining, I wouldn’t blame the restaurant for trying to keep money from walking out the door. But then again I am in business and tend to think about the husiness aspect. The whole thing affected more than just someone trying to feed their child….people were losing money and in this economy that is the worst thing to do.

  10. Interesting… The news reports I’ve read said nothing about people walking out (and I can understand why that many people leaving would be a problem too). All of that the manager said is not being reported either… (reports said the opposite) I think if any of us knew that part the reaction would have been a lot different.

  11. I mean those of us hearing about it would have had a different reaction, sorry I think I worded that badly lol

  12. LOL that’s ok. Just goes to show how the media is. Even here you see two very different views. One liberal paper is posting youtube vids that takes snippets of what the regional manager has said and put them together to put him in bad light. The local tv station just shows the positive snippets. The rest I have found out by people who were there (and perhaps that is biased as well) and by people who work there. I have had to sort of peice it together myself. I honestly think that the diners were wrong, the restaurant could have tried to handle it better and the protestors could have behaved a bit more like adults.

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