Gift Giving

Recently Claire was invited to a birthday party for last night. I had been steadily working on a mini-purse and had no idea who I was going to give it to. I had been pleased up to that point and so I knew I would be making another, so I thought about my girls. In the end, Claire and I decided to give her friend a handmade gift.


We included a small comb, some lemon flavored lip balm, a mirror and a change purse. Claire wanted to take it a step further and make her a bracelet.


When we arrived to the party, I got a wee bit anxious. Usually I only give our handmade stuff to people we know will appreciate it. I don’t want to give something to someone who won’t use it, a bit of a waste of time if you ask me. So I got nervous. As it turns out the mom is a knitter/beader. The birthday girl loved her purse so much she carried it all over Fun Depot. The bracelet her mom insisted she wait and wear it at home so she wouldnt lose it.

I loved making that purse. Almost a bit sad to see it go. But it’s at a good home and I can always make another.


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  1. Cute!

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