I Am Throwing In The Towel

I have crocheted and I am giving up on it. I always hear how easy it is. And I find it to be so freaking difficult. It isn’t soothing like knitting is. I cannot sit back and mindlessly crochet, ok I can’t always on knitting but most times I can. I have been working on husband’s afghan for a month and didn’t get very far due to constant ripping back, starting over, cussing and throwing needles and yarn at the wall in frustration. So I have decided no more. I will stick with knitting, the thing that puts me in that place of zen.

I came to this conclusion after last night’s Stitch N Bitch gathering. I sat and knitted on a purse, one that is an “easy challenge”. I was able to eat, converse, laugh, and knit without messing up one stitch. I got home to try and once again fix Kyle’s afghan and got frustrated to the point of tears. It’s not that I insist on absolute perfection, just that it looks nice. So this morning I removed all crochet projects from my Ravelry To- Do list. I am going to hang on to some of my crochet hooks for projects that require crocheting seams (like the purse I am doing now). Kyle’s afghan is now going to be knitted squares that I will crochet together, I am going to keep the same color schme and do different stitch types for the colors so that it has some unique textures to it.

Kyle said he wants to learn to crochet now. I ain’t teaching him!


~ by alegna75 on February 20, 2009.

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  1. If you want to keep Kyle’s afghan crochet ~ just send me the yarn and what you have done and I’ll do it for you! Seriously! I can even send along the book I learned to crochet for you and him!

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