Making Plans & An Anecdote

I guess let’s discuss the anecdote first. Since hubby’s issues with stones he has had to urinate into a jar and then pour the urine through a strainer. Apparently he isn’t very adept at peeing straight into the strainer. Not sure why. If I could pee into a dixie cup at 9 months pregnant without splashing onto my fingers I would think a guy could pee into a wide mouth strainer. But I digress. This morning I thought Kyle was in the bathroom because I heard a familiar sound of peeing into a jar. A few seconds later I hear the familiar sound of urine pouring into the strainer. Then Kyle walks into the living room from the opposite direction of the bathroom….and I still hear the pouring. Lil Man has apparently been watching daddy too much as of late. I started giggling at the realization and when he came out I said “Alex, did you just strain your pee pee?”. He replies “Yea”. KYle goes “Son, are you passing stones” and Alex ever so seriously says “Yep, but it doesn’t make me cry.” I lost it!

Plans Plans Plans, I love to make plans. ALthough we had not really thought we would be doing anything special this year, we kinda are. To start I get our Scarefest tickets this next week. Originally I was going to get the package deal that included the hotel stay….a very nice hotel stay. But with medical bills and whatnot we are going to get the VIP tickets without the hotel. We will come out a ton cheaper if we get a room elsewhere. So I was talking to a few people last night and it looks like as many as 6 are going. This is going to be insanely fun!

Then as I was talking to someone I saw that Buckcherry, Papa Roach and….uhm someone else that I cannot think of…are going to be at our civic center next month! WOHOOOO! I have one friend going with me and I am going to call another. I want to get the tickets on Tuesday as they just went on sale yesterday. I get paid Tuesday and I will just go right over there and grab them. Can’t wait! My first concert ever….at my ripe old age. Gah I honestly thought I would never get to go but garsh darn it I am gonna.

Anyway, things have improved over the past week. Things are still hectic as all get out but they aren’t so bad now that the medical stuff has backed off a bit (in case I hadn’t mentioned before, he is starting to pass the stone!).


~ by alegna75 on February 14, 2009.

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