I Think There Is Light Somewhere, Right?

So here are the big updates and whatnot. Hubby had doc this past Monday. He has had no pain since just a couple days post ER trip. Ironically, they couldn’t find a stone at all in his X-Ray. But apparently X-Rays don’t pick up on them real well in that area of the body. So the plan is to now wait another two weeks and see if he passes it. IF not then the doc will schedule a CT scan. If they find it, he gets surgery to remove it. They are concerned it is lodged somewhere. If they don’t find it, we assume that it ground up so fine that he didn’t feel it come out (although this isn’t a likely situation). My only beef is that if the CT Scan is so much better and the concern is it might be lodged, which can cause kidney damage if ignored, then why the hell don’t we just do the scan and get it done with? Ok so this news isn’t bad, not great, but not bad either.

THEN of course more bad news. Health Insurance dropped us. No idea why. They are saying they won’t pay for our recent bills (the ones where we actually MET our deductible!). YEa, so not good.

Then hubs calls my dad to see how his colonoscopy went. Gall Bladder is looking fine, colonoscopy couldn’t find anything wrong. Since he doesn’t do docs (me either Pops! ok well except for birthing babies) they had to check on his blood, cholesterol, etc etc. All of that is looking fine too. Much to my mother’s dismay HA HA HA! ANyway they did find some fat around his liver, it’s a concern. But at least it sounds better than before. Anywho, he has barium testing Friday.

Right now I am in class. It’s a 4hour one and we already took an exam so I am on my “break”. I am going to knit BIL’s scarf in a bit because I need the stress releif. Work is getting busier but better. No psycho’s calling thankfully. I have one client I need to finish up before I get back into some returns. We have about 40 sitting waiting to be worked on so I am anxious to get into them. We do around 400-500 each season and this is only the beginning. Makes for awesome paychecks 🙂

Ok so I will go now. The “talk” helped and I am ready to be crafty. Knitting is like Traveler’s Checks. I never leave home without it!


~ by alegna75 on February 11, 2009.

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