Stones, Colonoscopy, and Stress OH MY

Ok so the stones are just a rehashing of hubby’s crap. Hasn’t passed them yet. I am starting to beleive that it will become a part of his body…maybe even function like an organ or something. Ok so I am being overly dramatic, it’s ok I will get over it.

Found out my father is having a colonoscopy done on Tuesday. He has been somewhat ill lately and things got worse. No idea what is up but we will know soon. I am extremely concerned…it’s my daddy after all.

Stress, hmm. Some of it’s good and some of it’s not. Both exams this week have now been postponed to next week due to some foul weather we are having. This is good. Insane ex-employees of client have stopped calling (so far), this is good as well. Car started making funny noises and then stalled on me at bank. Bad….real bad. I need my car! Work is going ok. I am stressed over it but mostly just making sure that I keep up with everything and my school schedule. So that is somewhat bad and good at the same time.

Going to Stitch N Bitch in a bit at Ninemile. A vegetarian place in Montford.  Looking forward to knitting a washcloth tonight. I am liking my washcloths alot, I do them in garter stitch so it feels like I am getting a good scrubbing in the shower. Doing a crocheted decorative one also with ankh. Taking a bit longer but that is ok. Will post pics soon!


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  1. Good luck to your father with his colonoscopy. I’ve had two, and honestly they’re no big deal. Yeah, it’s stressful worrying about it if it’s your first one. And it’s kind of embarrassing. But if you can get past that stuff, it’s OK. Not painful or anything. During my last one I stayed awake and watched the screen and was able to ask questions about what we were seeing.

    I hope it goes well for him and shows everything is healthy. Or, if not healthy, at least easily treatable.

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