Three Year Olds & Magic Tricks

This morning I was laying in bed waking up but not rushing out of the bed. Lil Man came in and wanted to snuggle, who was I to deny him? He curled up and held my hand like he usually does. He saw a hairband wrapped around my wrist and wanted to play with it. I decided to show him a “trick”. I put the hairband in my hand and closed it. Said Abra-Cadabra and yawned and stretched. As I yawned I slipped the hair band under the pillow and brought my fists back out. When I opened them and he saw there was no hairband he was awe-struck. He wanted to know where they went, all I would say is “that is magic baby”. I then yawned and stretched again and got the hair band. As I brought my fists around I had him say Abra-Cadabra. He  said something that sounded like Doc Abra lol. I opened my fists and there it was. He then decided he could do it. He did every thing that I had done and couldn’t make it dissappear. He then said something that I can thank Disney’s tv show “Wizards of Waverly Place”** for. He said ” I must not grow into my magic yet momma”. Isn’t he adorable?


** The show on Disney is about a family of wizards. The father is teaching his three children about wizardy and magic. In one episode the youngest child had his magical powers “come in”. They treated it sort of like puberty, so his powers were all out of whack and not controlled…much like hormones. I am not a big fan of the show but at least it shows that magic/wizardry/witchcraft is normal and not something to be feared. The only thing I have to do is constantly explain to my kids that a wave of the wand doesn’t make a bird turn into a brick.


~ by alegna75 on February 1, 2009.

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