All Hell Has Broken Loose

I am sitting here waiting unpatiently for my sitter whom I told not to be here for another hour and 10 minutes. Earlier today hubby tells me he is in terrible testicular pain. He says something about needing to go to ER later on in the day. I get upset and tell him we need to go right now, he insists he is ok but if it occurs again he promises me that we will go. Two hours later he is calling me in tears.

I rush to meet him at our home, he had picked up our son and I had the girls. We all rush to ER. We got there at 5 pm. At 6:30 they finally took him in for a CT scan. On the way to hospital he described his pain and I said it sounded like kidney stones. When they do CT scan they tell us they think it’s kidney stones but not sure. At 7:30 kids are getting cranky. I tell them as soon as I hear from Daddy we can go. 10 minutes later I hear him screaming in pain as they are wheeling him through the waiting area. I still don’t know prognosis but he was ok with us going home. I wanted to kiss him but he was in such agony I was afraid touching him would hurt him more. Kids and I go home.

The car trip was hard. I didn’t want to leave yet I knew kids were going to hit major meltdown soon. The girls were crying because of being tired and worrying about their daddy. Alex was just concerned over making sure daddy got a lady doctor. I got home, girls went to bathe and I made alex a bowl of cereal (we had eaten at hospital but not much due to lack of enough funds). I then went in my room and cried.  Seems so silly but it just killed me to hear him in that much pain. Sitting here is driving me batty so I called a friend to come sit with kids while they sleep. I will go back and see if I can see him and find out what exactly is going on and gameplan.


~ by alegna75 on January 27, 2009.

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