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I am a contributor of a knitting blog called Outlaw Knitters . I have posted a blog today, feel free to check it out. I also have a tag on the left in Blog Groups that you can click and check it if you wish.

I figure this can help me release knitting/crocheting blogs onto a more appropriate locale. Sure this is my blog and it can be what I want it to be, but I don’t want it to be solely about knitting. This is my place for everything.

Speaking of….work has gotten rough. It doesn’t help that I have a hectic school schedule either. It wouldn’t be as bad if I wasn’t in school honestly. Anyway I had to cancel my movie plans for tomorrow, just too much to get done and too much studying I must do. I am determined to get through all this with no more 10 new gray hairs though. Seriously. I do have some socializing coming up. The mommies group here in town is getting together next Thursday at Atlanta Bread company. MMM. Doing a movie night/potluck next Friday. I wanted to do Imbolc but kids wanted movie. Hubby won’t be home so a movie will easily entertain the 3 and I lost lol. Also doing a women’s breakfast AND a mandala meditation at UU church. I am super excited about making a mandala, they are beautiful! I just hope mine actually looks nice.

On the kid front everyone is good. Oldest is going to take saturday morning physics class at the university. She is 9 and before anyone gasps the classes are geared for her age group…it is only offered for the kids in the gifted program in the city schools.

Hubby and I ….well we are here. It’s weird but we seem fairly far from each other. I miss him although I am around him alot (we work together!). But with kids, school, homework, work….we haven’t had any time to just hang out and talk. I am gonna have to tackle him down at some point and pencil in time for us to just chill and be together.


~ by alegna75 on January 23, 2009.

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  1. Tackle huh? 😉

  2. School is hard. My partner is going to grad school and it’s giving me gray hairs.
    You should try knitting socks! It’s really not that hard if you know the two decreases.

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