Craft Mania

So I have been plugging away at my projects. Most recently I have finished two.


A nice simple scarf in stockinette stitch. I promise, I will start knitting something other than a scarf….just as soon as I finish the 2 scarves left for me to make! I also crocheted this bracelet.


Not the best picture, sorry about that. My screen is cracked so I can’t see any of what I am taking so I have to take about 4 and hope one comes out super clear.

I have also made a few stitch markers. I have plenty of beading supplies so I thought, eh why not.


The top row are made with a gold hoop earring. When making earrings there is a place to bend and a loop so that you can make it connect for wearing. So in this case I didn’t bend them. The size is great because it will fit larger size needles. BUT when I tested them out I found that they can snag the yarn easier than a jump ring. The second row are made with jump rings. For non-jewelry crafters a jump ring doesn’t open unless you have a certain type of plier to pull it open and you pull it apart so there isn’t too much stress on the ring. These are wonderful BUT they don’t fit large needles as well. Now I haven’t used stitch markers for any projects as of yet so maybe they are more useful then I imagine.  I want to test them out further for weight and whatnot and make sure that they won’t cause any real damage (outside of the already known possible snagging with the top set) to a project.

I have two scarves that I am working on now, one knit and one crochet. As soon as the knit one is done I will finish the other knit scarf I need to make. When the crochet one is done I am going to start Kyle’s afghan. I need to get two more colors for that one.


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  1. If you have any earring hooks, you can use those for crochet markers. Knitting markers don’t need to open but with crochet they need to be able to open. They do look nice thou! Also if you have any unopen split rings you could use those instead of jump rings, they are usually bigger!

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