Make Me A Sweater!!!

So I had a paranormal meeting last night. My day had not gone well and I had some knitting with me so I decided that I was going to relax and knit during the meeting. For non-knitters this is not meant out of disrespect. I can focus so much more on something said in a conversation when I am knitting….it causes my brain to actually slow down. It’s quite meditative. Anyhow, as usual several people start making requests. It’s an odd thing to have requests for stuff. Let’s discuss, shall we?

1. I am new to knitting. I find it much easier than crochet. I self taught myself knitting in early December last year. So far I have only made some scarves, fingerless gloves, and an wristband. All of the patterns have something in common. They are square and basic. It’s not exactly like I can take on a sweater, ya know?

2. Many non-knitters don’t get how long it takes to make something. I knit alot, every chance I get (especially now, I need the reprieve to keep my sanity) but it still takes some time to get something done. Scarves take about a week. The armband and fingerless gloves, 24 hours. Literally. Which brings me to….

3. Non-knitters seem to think that I can get their request made within a week. Yea…not happening. I do have to work and that entails alot of deadlines, attend school and complete homework, feed and bathe my children. I would like some time to spend with my husband and children between knitting ya know.

4. If I make something for someone, I don’t want them to know I am making it. Sounds weird I guess. But right now I have projects going for next christmas. I prefer that someone not really know that I am making something so that I can surprise them with it later. I am careful to choose people that I know would be appreciative also, I don’t give everyone a knitted item! But really, if you make a request for something I lose the joy of making and surprising you with something.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the kudos. I DO!! I really do! I am usually taken a back by the enthusiasm some people have when they see the few items I have made.  But understand that some knitters just aren’t in it to make things for people. I have reasons for knitting and most of it is for selfish reasons. I meditate better, I concentrate better, I am a nicer person. I am generally not a happy person (read my prior posts, trust me you will see that I am not in general happy). My husband complains on occasion about my craft projects but he is mostly supportive. He told me today that he tries to avoid bugging me about the money I spend because its a rare moment that he sees me completely happy. And trust me, as I get better and get more things made….I will be definetly handing out items to whomever would want them.


~ by alegna75 on January 16, 2009.

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  1. You always have a print out in your bag with the yarn requirements for say a sweater…and show it to those asking for you to make them a sweater….say to them ” you pay for the yarn, and mim. wage for the hours it takes me to make, and i’ll make you a sweater” most people will back down. There was a thread on Ravelry about a knitter’s wage. Came to like almost 500 for a sweater ~ not including the yarn!

  2. LOL…it’s so funny you said that because earlier a friend of a friend called about me making something. I was shocked at the actual call to begin with but I told them if they bought all the supplies and paid MY current hourly wage of $19 an hour and was patient enough to wait a month or so then I would be happy to. She got a bit rude and scoffed at the notion that I make that much an hour. I offered to show her a paystub but she decided to hang up. I then called our mutual friend and informed him that if he spoke of my knitting to anyone else and gave out my number I would kick his ass. He claims he is just “trying to help” but jeesh I don’t know what the hell he is thinking. He just doesn’t get it no matter how much I explain it.

  3. First, let me say that I’m a huge fan of your posts. You’re on my List Of Ravelry Favorites, and I often share your stuff with my knitting friends.

    I am writing everyone on my Favorites List with a couple of questions. If you can answer them for me, it would be a HUGE HUGE HUGE favor. Really HUGE.

    Thing is, I am writing a piece on Ravelry for my college magazine. Topic is WHY Ravelry is such a huge success. I need opinions from fellow Ravelers like you to back up this claim I am making.

    These are the questions:

    1) Why did you choose to join Ravelry?

    2) How did you learn about Ravelry?

    3) What does Ravelry give you that other sites don’t?

    4) Absolutely anything else you’d like to share with me on this subject.

    My quandary is this: I love the site and come here almost every week to look for knitting tips and ideas. (I haven’t joined yet, as I am too shy to talk of my own work…)

    I want to understand why others do the same. Each person must have his or her own reason and I am very curious to understand this trend.

    Once I write the piece, I intend to send it across to Bob the dog. Maybe, he will post it on the site to encourage newcomers or even use it for other promotion purposes.

    Thank you in advance

    Keep writing, keep sharing, keep creating
    Warmest regards

    My Email address is:

  4. I completely agree about the no requests notion. I crocheted an afghan for a friend on request and I must say that the reaction, while extremely positive, was not what I’m used to getting to my work. Never again. Not to mention the time factor. You just keep on keepin’ on and tell the world to f*** itself (as if I have to tell you that, hehe)

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