Back to School!

Just a quick post today while the girls are getting homework done. They went back to school today *happy dance*. Seriously, they were getting to that point that I was either going to run away or put one through the wall if I heard one more “Don’t Look At ME!!!!” or “I’m telling mooooommmmmm”. Today I had to go by the college to pick up my textbooks for my classes starting up next week. Kinda excited. A little pissed too…one of my books isn’t in yet. Grrrr.

Kyle and I are going to be going to Scarefest (9-11 to 9-13) together this year. MIL says she will take the kiddos and we will get a weekend getaway. There is a package deal that includes a hotel room, VIP status, and a bunh of freebies. I am going to try and get those tickets. They only have 25 and I cannot buy the tickets until end of next month. Cross your fingers everyone!

On the knitting front. Lil man did not get fingerless gloves. I am apparently too idiotic to get them adjusted for his little hands. Soooooo I made him a wristband. He loves it!!

Since we are going to Scarefest…I had an idea. An awful idea. OOps…that was my inner Grinchy self coming through. Anyway my idea was to make some lace armbands that tie up with satin ribbon like a corset. In my head I am thinking they lace up on the inside part of the arm as opposed to the outside. So I found a great pattern on Knit Wiki. Now i just need some lightweight yarn (I have worsted wool and I would prefer something thinner) and I think another set of needles. I think they will turn out great. If they do I gotta make a pair for my friend Tammy. So we shall see how things go.

Ok gotta run, see yas later!


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