It’s Official…..I am addicted!

This morning I had to restart lil man’s gloves. I didn’t cast off enough stitches for it to fit around his wrist.  I almost have the first one done. I went to UU church this morning and I found myself staring at scarves, sweaters, and hats and thinking “Hm….I think I could make that”. And last night, I had a dream. I don’t remember much but I remember shopping for yarn. LOL I got it baaaaaaaaaad. I updated my notebook on Ravelry. I put in all of my yarns, needles, and my projects. That is nice that I don’t have to dig through everything anymore, I can just hop online and see where I stand with things and get them done.

Last night some friends came by. They were loving the fingerless gloves. I am pretty proud of them but I have to admit I was fairly taken back by the “oohs” and “aahs”. Next thing I know everyone is like, “I want a pair!”.  After all of that we went on a ghost hunt. Got some interesting pics but we haven’t finished blowing those up to inspect. We did about an hours worth of EVP’s that one of them is checking today. There was at one point me and Tammy heard a whisper with our ears. I am seriously hoping that it was caught on audio. If not I will be soooo disappointed.  Michael and I did energy work, he used his dowsing rods to confirm some things. It was pretty amazing and it was nice for someone to be getting the same info as me. I gotta do a bit of legwork to see if we can verify some of what info we got.

Ok so knitting is hollering at me. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!


~ by alegna75 on January 4, 2009.

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