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I got Claire’s fingerless gloves done last night. She is super pleased! I have pics but not on the computer just yet. Alex has demanded I make him a pair so that will be taking me over come tomorrow. I have to make them smaller since he has small hands. I have some rustic red yard left so I think he will be happy with that.

*****UPDATE – Here are the pics of Claire’s gloves*****


I tried to crochet a granny square this morning. I have a ton of leftover yarn that isn’t enough to really make any one thing with so I thought if I made a bunch of squares then I can throw them together into an afghan later on.  Well my laptop doesn’t have sound…hubby did something to it and we can’t figure out how to fix it. So I watched a vid on youtube about granny squares. Somehow my center hole was way too big and the video square had a cross shape in the middle…mine didn’t. On top of that the video didn’t show me how to finish the square so I got confused trying to finish it on my own. I am struggling with pattern instructions (it looks like an invasion of R2D2 codes) so I use youtube so I can see how to do it and understand it better. Thankfully SpiderLady (from Pagan Homemaking in the blogroll) saved the day. I found something that will help with starting in the round. Then I am just going to force my brain into understanding the directions. If I can understand taxes surely somehow I can understand patterns….right?

Every Friday hubby goes off to do his gaming, he is an avid RPG’er. I have decided that I am gonna have a “Stitch & Bitch” at my house. I am sending an open invite to my friends to just bring a craft and hang out while we work on it. I am sure we won’t accomplish too much once my friend Jenn arrives with the Smirnoff Ice LOL! But I thought it would be nice to be able to just kick back and actually see my friends on occasion while accomplishing my ever growing list of tasks. As it stands my list is:

1. Fingerless gloves for little man
2. Blanket for hubby by next Christmas
3. learn to make a hat with my DPN’s
4. 5 scarves by next Christmas
5. one pair of wristbands by next Christmas
6. pink fingerless gloves (up to elbow) with hearts for Claire by September
7. black fingerless gloves (up to elbow) with skulls for Molly by September
8. Flowers with button centers for Spring
9. some baby blankets for the hospital
10. scarves for the homeless shelter

Now throw in tax season (aka work 7 days a week until end of May), going to school full time  this semester and one class in summer….I am not setting too high of a goal, right? Eh, some of it can wait if need be.

Well I must get some work done so I can home and get back to work on the granny square.


~ by alegna75 on January 3, 2009.

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  1. Looks like you will be one busy lady in 2009. The fingerless gloves are oh so popular and once you make one pair, well then, everyone wants one. oh and the hat shouldn’t be too bad. Have you looked at Yarn Harlot’s “Unoriginal Hat” pattern. Fast and quick.

  2. I wish I lived near you to join the S & B!!! Granny squares: Start your loop how you want (magic loop or chain), chain 3 ~ double crochet 2 times in the main loop, chain 1, double crochet 3 times in the main loop, chain 1, double crochet 3 times in the main loop, chain 1, double crochet 3 times into the main loop, chain 1, slip stitch to the top of the chain 3 you did at the beginning. There’s your “cross”. Now you slip stitch to the next chain 1 spot. Chain 3, double crochet 2 times into the chain 1 spot, chain 1, double crochet 3 times into the same area you did the previous double crochet. Double crochet 3x’s in the next chain 1 spot. In Granny squares you only put a chain 1 inbetween the groups of double crochets at the corners ( for a square one anyhows).

    Make anymore sense? Another hint is when the pattern is starting to look like R2D2 ~ copy and paste it into a word doc, and do a search & replace so all the (Dc, sl st, sc, trc) become all spelled out. After awhile all ^^^^^^looks normal to you!

    Hope that helps now that I’ve wrote a long long reply!!! lol

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