New Year, New Beginnings

I am not one who gets super excited about New Year’s Eve. I am not much of a drinker, and well the holiday has just never hit that sensitive holiday nerve. So when the UU church asked if I would help with a program called Room at the Inn, I went for it. Room at the Inn is when the Presbyterian Church opens their fellowship hall to some homeless women from a shelter called AHope. It is for women who are working at recovering from a drug and/or alcohol addiction. AHope closes down for Christmas and New Years and the Presbyterians and UU’s work together to provide these ladies a bed to sleep on and some food in their stomachs. I took overnight duty last night, one of the hardest duties for them to find people for. I arrived for dinner and we had a nice time just chatting and eating a meal one family provided. At 8 pm one of the ladies popped in a movie so I grabbed one of my knitting projects and sat with her. At 10 all of the ladies were asleep. They didn’t seem to concerned with a New Year either lol. Anyway there were 4 of us that spent the night so we each took a 2-hour shift where we had to stay awake in case someone needed something.

All of it brought back floods of memories from my own drug rehab days. I remembered things that I hadn’t realized I had forgotten. For that matter I remembered people that I hadn’t realized I had forgotten. Made me wonder where they are and if they are even alive. So while my holiday was low key and not super festive…it gave me some time to reflect on me and how far I have become. It certainly gave me alot of positive things to look forward to in this year. Especially with my crafty side.

I tell ya, had you told me 3 or 4 months ago I would become a knitting fool I would have laughed. But no, here I am learning stuff and getting stuff made like crazy. I made 5 scarves for christmas (one of which was actually done on the 27th…but Molly was ok with that) and within 4 weeks. I have more scarf projects already lined up for next Christmas. I bought some circular knitting needles to make a hat…that is this weekends project and Alex is my test monkey. Today I made Molly some fingerless gloves. She thinks I am like super cool for making such a fashionable item (I hear Mother of the Year coming) and she thinks she is super cool for wearing them. She has them on now while in bed lol! Anyway, youtube has become my very bestest friend for crafts. I can learn something so much quicker when someone shows me what to do.  So here is what they look like



Next I want to get some lighter yarn and make longer ones for spring and fall. Molly loves skulls so I am going to try and make a black pair with skulls on them by next halloween, I might make them go up to her elbows. Right now Claire is wanting her own pair, so I have to have that done by tomorrow night so that I can get working on Alex’s hat. I am gonna miss having to put this away during next semester. Eh if I can find some time I might just work on my scarf projects. That way I don’t get too far behind on my stuff. I still need to find stuff that is more pagan oriented. I may have to do some designing of my own to acheive that. Not too sure how that will do but we will see.

So I hope everyone had a lovely night and a wonderful 2009. I have a feeling that with all of the change ahead of us it will be a very memorable year.


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  1. Happy New Years again lol

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