Xmas 2008

Well it came and went ith a huge bang. I always worry about gifts at this time of year. Don’t want the kids to get too much because I prefer they understand they can’t get everything on their list. But I am always concerned they will think they are “bad” and didn’t deserve as much. Silly, I know. This year as usual they got plenty. It’s funny, as I am fretting over gifts I never seem to think about the uncles, aunts, and grandparents that are buying too. So the big gift this year was…..bikes! I got so super excited when we got home Xmas Eve. We had gone to have dinner at the inlaws and although children were itching to come home and go to bed….we stayed late to ensure sleeping children. It was a bit anti-climatic with our oldest. She said to me in a flat tired voice “I finally got that bike i have been wanting.” Middle gal didn’t say anything but “ooohhh its pink!”. Lil man however saved the morning for me…..he squealed and jumped up and down. Whew! My ego almost took a bruising lol. But it’s ok, oldest gal wants to go out alot and ride hers. Middle gal…..the same one who is fearless of any roller coaster despite the fact she can’t get on half of them….is scared. Lil man isn’t.  He cracked me up yesterday as he rode down the street, pedaling as fast as he could, he yells “YEEEEEEHAWWWWWWW”.

100_1260 Molly and her bike. Daddy was fixing her handbrake. He hates them so today he is removing them from the bike. The handbrakes don’t affect the back wheel and he is scared that the girls will go flying over the handlebars.

100_1256 Claire and her bike. It is hot pink and black and says Miss Behavin’. It seemed so right for her lol.

100_1259 Lil man and his goofy smile. I hate this smile cause he squinches up his eyes. He has a huffy orange and black bike. He calls it his motorcycle. Complete with “vroom vroom” noises…before he gets to his “Yeehaw”. He is the only one with training wheels and we may need to take them off soon lol.

As you can see no jackets. It was a nice 63 here on Xmas Day. Seems so wrong for it to be that warm. My aunt in SC sent over packages for the kids to open. Molly has a jacket she about peed all over herself over. Black with cheetah print fur lining…and its reversible. So she felt sassy yesterday and wore the fur side out. Santa also brought her a cheetah print fleece blanket that she is very happy about. Black and animal prints are definetly her “thing”. Well purple too, she hasn’t let go of purple yet. Matter of fact,she has a purple velvet hat that has a leopard print thing going on.  She also got a learn to knit kit. So we started knitting last night so she can make scarves for next Xmas. Claire also got one, she caught on quicker than Molly lol. Claire, the pink diva, got a big pink fur jacket that she loves.

My aunt also sent something that I wish she hadn’t….although I probably won’ t tell her that lol. She sent the girls Tamagotchie’s. Now if you haven’t been exposed to this craze, be thankful. It is a virtual pet. You have to feed it, clean up its virtual poop off the virtual floor, praise it, put it in timeout when bad, play with it. It beeps at you when its sick/dirty/hungry/crying. These girls cling to these pets like mad. Claire misplaced hers the other day and for an entire 24 hour time period she would go into random fits of crying over the fact that her Tamagotchie was probably dying (oh yes…they die). They even go so far to come to me and say “Grandma, will you babysit for a few minutes while i do such-n-such?”. Yea…I am a grandma all of a sudden.

Last night we ventured to Wal-mart. Oy….Wal-mart. It was almost worth it. We were doing some post-holiday shopping. I grabbed some of those bath baskets for the girls next year. Found a cute piggy bank and Cars ornament for Alex. These went into my gift closet, they may get these things for birthdays…we will see. I also picked up 200 ft of garland for our fence next year, a couple more boxes of cards and some more lights. Then I splurged. I got “The Dark Knight”. I have only been waiting forever for this movie. Kyle also bought  the latest Mummy movie and “Journey to the center of the earth”. We watched Dark Knight last night. I wasn’t all that pleased with it. Very happy I did not see it in a theater. It was good…..very well done actually. But the supporting cast sucked ass. Maggie Gyllenhal is not right for Rachel. They replaced the guy who did Scarecrow in the last one….the current one is horrible. Either that or they should have written him into the action a wee bit more. I don’t know alot about Two-Face but I didn’t think he was all that great. Joker made the movie. I can see were Heath had studied Jack Nicholson for this role. Christian Bale did an excellent job…as did Michael Cain, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman. I felt let down though. I honestly wonder if it wasn’t all the media hype about Heath’s death that didn’t raise expectation levels on his last role. And again, he did excellent…..to replace him will be very difficult. But in the end, he wasn’t enough to take care of the entire movie.

Ok so I got some kids running around like mad persons. Let me round them up and get them calmed down.


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  1. Understood on worrying about gifts. My mom always over did it w/ me so I’m afraid of doing the same lol… But then I’d read about others and it seems like we still got Kalila a ton lol. Really only 5 gifts from us… doesn’t sound like much to me, but still a lot I guess. We knew she’d get a ton from family though.

    I have to disagree on the movie though… I loved it. We saw it in the theatre and were very happy we did so.

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