The Battle For Christmas?

I am a BIG FAN of Yahoo Answers!! Seriously, I need a 12-step program for as much time as I spend over there. I float between Religion & Spirituality and whatever current holiday is coming up…so Christmas right now (they don’t have a Yule or Winter Solstice section). Well the topic of Christmas is a hot one. Some of the Christians don’t want anyone but themselves  celebrating (and these are the ones unaware of the history of Christmas) and some Atheists & Pagans are on the “you stole the holiday so christians shouldn’t celebrate”. Now I personally don’t care who does or doesn’t. My only involvement is in educating those who are completely unaware of the creation of Christmas. This morning I saw a question posted that I absolutely felt like doing some cartwheels over. Sadly, hardly anyone has responded (pretty typical when its difficult to argue the issue at hand. I am copying and pasting this question and will include a link for you all to see the responses.

No one can celebrate Christmas, or everyone can?

Ok guys, I’m seeing too many people saying ‘Atheists shouldn’t celebrate Christmas!’

Now, this season’s festivities, as far back as we can tell, were Pagan festivities. The Church accepts this, and this is fact. Christmas was born from Pagan tradition and festivities. Celebrating at this time of year with the tree, the gifts, the decorations and the food were all originally Pagan.

Christians saw this, wanted it, and started their own festivities that happen this time of year, relatively recently. The meaning of the festivities is different for them however, they changed it the meaning for themselves, so the things this season includes celebrate the birth of Christ.

This is acceptable, obviously. It is nice that they do that. I don’t see any Pagans who mind them doing this.

However, this leads me to saying: If Christians can take a celebration, and change the meaning for themselves, and see that as alright and acceptable, then why can’t atheists do the same, and Christians see that as acceptable?

If atheists can’t put their own meaning in the festivities, then neither can you, so there. Nur. Stop celebrating it. It seems to be a case of ‘WE STOLE IT FIRST! YOU CANT HAVE IT!’

It goes like this. Either NONE of us celebrate this season aside from Pagans, or ALL of us can bring our own meaning to the festivities. Which is it to be, guys? Gonna stop yer bitchin’ now?

You can view this question here
I hope that this maybe gets one person to understand how non-christians feel over the entire issue. I am not in a position where I can take Christ out of a religious holiday. Christmas Spirit resides in the same place as Christ….the beleivers heart. The absolute only person who can take “Christ out of Christmas” is the beleiver.
May you all have a Blessed Holiday however and whatever you celebrate!

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  1. That sounds like a good post. I used to spend a lot of time on Yahoo Answers, too, and saw very few good posts. Hope your holiday was fun!

  2. I have a friend who is also a Pagan like us and her answer was this, “I worship a big man in a big red suit for Christmas. Hell according to the Christians you aren’t supposed to lie and yet we tell our kids that a large man in a red suit can see everything they are doing and he comes down the chimney and leaves them presents. Presents mind you that have their names written on them in Mommy’s handwriting.”

    I could go on a rant but I won’t…lol Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday.

  3. Interesting post… In my opinion… There is nothing wrong with non Christians celebrating at the same time… but it’s not the same holiday meaning wise. Pagans celebrate Yule, which is fine… we have a lot of the same customs yes so the two tend to blur together to most people. What I don’t get is Athiests saying they celebrate Christmas… obviously they don’t… if they want to give presents and do all the customs that’s their business, but it seems odd to me. (note I’d say the same if they said they celebrated Yule or any other religious holiday lol) Not saying they can’t or shouldn’t… just doesn’t make sense to me to celebrate something they don’t believe in, because all of the holidays around that time are religious in nature. To me the phrase keeping Christ in Christmas means just that. The name itself comes from the phrase Christs Mass… because, no matter how it was chosen when to celebrate His bday or how, part of that celebration/observation (the biggest part) was to go to Mass. It is a Christian holiday… albeit one that was placed alongside a pagan one for various reasons and your customs were adopted as well. None of the Non-Christians I know have an issue with thsi because they celebrate their own holidays and feel the same way I do about it.

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