Happy Holidays

Oh the “joyous” time of year. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. I hate being out and about at this time. People are really cranky. Unfortunatley due to finances, the kids have yet to do their own shopping done. Every year I take them to the Dollar Tree, $20, list of people they must shop for, and let them have at it. The two older ones can get everyone done at once. Baby boy does everyone but me cause I do his shopping lol. Soooo guess where we are going today? Yea…Dollar Tree. If you think Wal-Mart is crowded, it pales to our Dollar Tree. I also need to run some other errands so Dollar Tree is going to be last today. Would much rather do that then try to get that done and then go to the store to buy the items we need for christmas meals.

Speaking of meals. I usually do a big breakfast and a big dinner on Christmas Day. Tomorrow night we are going to hubby’s family home to enjoy a big Christmas Eve meal. This year two of my friends have no family to spend the day with. So they are coming over for dinner also. Makes me kinda sad that they are all alone. I would feel differently if they wanted to be alone but they don’t and I am happy they are coming to hang out.

I am very excited for Christmas Day. Can’t say why because little eyes are running all over my office and are bound to sneak up on me and see what it is. LOL this is too much. Oh well, I will take lots of pics and you all will understand.

I went to the Winter Solstice service at the Unitarian Church this past Sunday. Very very nice. I had a moment of uncertainty as the minister said “May I wish all of our pagans a Happy Winter Solstice.” It’s sad, I know. I was just waiting for someone in that congregation to have an absolute hissy fit. When I have gone for services no one has every really said anything to make me worry, its just the “old wounds” I have from other church goers of other denominations. So I sat there holding my breath waiting…long before I realized I was doing it. Then I recognized a woman sitting in front of me. I had seen her a few times at the church and wondered how i knew her. But this time it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had also been involved with the public rituals with her also! I talked to her after the service and we had a long discussion about how the church treats pagans and so on and so forth. So now that I have seen for myself the acceptance, I am considering joining. I like their message, I like some of the things they do for the community, I like alot of the people. It will also offer a bit of anonymity within my community. Which is nice because I prefer anonymity, I don’t ever feel like its been anyone else’s business about my beleifs. Course this blog goes abit against the idea of anonymity…but I don’t go for complete anonymity either. Eh…I am being contradictory again lol.

Speaking of community works, on New Year’s Eve I am going to stay the night at a women’s homeless shelter and help them out over there. We are having dinner with the 12 ladies the shelter houses, party with them until 1 or 2 am. Then stay over night to be sure everyone is ok, offer security, that kind of thing. I am looking forward to it. We never make New Year’s plans. I have never really cared much about New Years…so this is a nice change.

Ok so, I gotta get these kids fed, off to the bank, and then off to our 23952390572093 places we need to go today . Talk to you all later!


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  1. I can’t wait to hear about your Christmas! Kids make the holiday so much fun, don’t they? I love seeing little kids so happy. Their faces just light up.

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