Playing Catch Up

WHEW!! What is today??? Oh yea…saturday. Ok I am losing it. I have 2 weeks left this semester and I am questioning if I can make it. I have an economic paper due Monday, that I have yet to finish. Uhm I haven’t started it either OY. I am way behind at work. I have to attend an Islamic “service” sometime this week and do a presentation on it Thursday AND I have another life story paper due Thursday evening. Meanwhile kids have things going on, Mollys bday is next Saturday (slumber party this friday night). We just got past thanksgiving, got christmas coming and all of the decorating with that. I finished crocheting Alex’s blanket and I learned how to knit last weekend. I got one scarf done for a neice and started another for a nephew. I still also need to make a no-sew fleece blanket. After that I gotta help the girls make some jewelry to give as gifts.

Ok so let me catch my breath. Ok..thanks.

I found a church recently that I liked. LOL how weird is that? I kept seeing Unitarian Universalist almost everywhere I went. I started looking at their website. They promote religious tolerance. I was skeptical. But after the recent visit by the fundamentalist baptists (whom somehow KNEW when Kyle and the kids last visited for a service) I needed something else in store for the kids. Some baptists are great, I have issues with this specific church. I feel like (and maybe I am being paranoid) that they keep trying to corner ME. Typically when they come by Kyle is here and I send him out to talk to them. I have told them several times that I don’t care to “know” Jesus. But obviously since Kyle and the kids go over there once in awhile…that it means I can be converted? Hm I dunno. But anyway last time Kyle and the kids went they had a good time. Two days later Kyle is working real late and here they come. Call me mean but I refused to let them in my house….despite the fact that it was super cold out. And they really wanted to come in and warm up. I kpt myground that I was too busy and they could come back another day. They wanted to know what day. I said Thursday anytime after 5:30. LMAO I have a class from 6-9 on Thursday evenings. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So one of them came back (there were 3 the night that I was home) and proceeded to try and get Kyle to make a commitment to the church. Kyle said he couldn’t do it. Then I was asked about. He told them I didn’t have an interest and I could not be forced to beleive in something that I don’t beleive in. So once again, they were unsuccessful. Seriously, if you were me…wouldn’t it feel like I became their mission?

Anyway, After that Tuesday evening I started REALLY reading up on Unitarian Universalist. I told hubby that we were going to go and just check it out. I go to servies on occasion because I want to see what they are teaching my kids (and hellfire and brimstone bothers me). This church was unlike anything I had ever experiences. The music was so beautiful I actually teared up. The readings were poems from various spiritualists. The sermon didn’t mention the christian god at all. We sang songs and only one made a small mention of god (I just didnt sing that part). I really liked it. Looking at their newsletter and listening to their cd, they are not a christian church. They are an eclectic church with the purpose of helping everyone find their spiritual path. There are atheists (I know, seems wrong with spiritual path but doing good vs bad still applies to atheists), christians, buddhists, pagans, and anything else you can think of. Sadly,Kyle didn’t know where he stood with it. I think it might have been too far outside of his comfort zone. He was raised in the presbyterian church. Although he has his own ideas about religion I think he expects church to involve bible quotes and the law of god discussed. So I think I will visit again tomorrow. Kyle wants to go back to the Baptist church. We will leave it up to the kids as to where they want to go. And it will be a stupid move for the Baptists to show up here again if Kyle is not here. I won’t get into a discussion about religion with them in front of the children…what will be discussed is not someting they all can understand. Molly can, but not the other two. And it needs to come in due time.


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  1. I would feel uncomfortable with someone coming to my home trying to convert me. I’d do what you did: not let them in. I wouldn’t care if it was the second coming of Jesus (or whatever it is they believe will happen). I’m glad you liked the Unitarian Church. It sounds promising.

  2. Uggh.. I have Baptist issues too, so I feel for ya! I can understand why your husband wouldn’t or might not be comfortable w/ the unitarian thing… He’s Christian, and it’s not a Christian church/religion. Granted it’s open to them… and can incorporate our beliefs.. but most Christians would have a serious problem with it. I’m glad you found something you like and are comfortable with though.

    Have fun at the Mosque…. The best day to go is Friday because that’s their day of the week (Like Jews is Sat and Christians Sunday…) You’ll have to find the exact time in your area, but is around noon or so if I remember correctly. If you have any questions before-hand let me know. I’ve been multiple times and led groups from my college there.

  3. I’m glad you have a good experience at the Unitarian Church. Sorry the Baptists keep coming to bug ya. They do that here too with me. And I have celtic knot work and symbols on my front door window too. They keep telling me I need to be saved…and I keep telling them I don’s…

  4. That’s cool about the class & going back and all… The imam in Lubbock gave me a Qur’an when I graduated too… only by that time I had several already lol. I have almost as many of them as I have Bibles…

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