Long Time No Post

I haven’t intended on not blogging. It just happpened that way, I guess. To start, I hit a low. And it was harsh. I am sorta out of it, not easy to be out of it when your pms’ing. So this round of a low, I had nothing to say. At the same time, I was very overwhelmed. Let’s be honest though, I am still very overwhelmed. I have 3 papers due by Dec 4th and all of them have to be from 5 to 10 pages….one might even be up around 15 pages. Add work, kids, kids activities, hubby, hubby’s activities, and a dog to take care of….I have just wanted nothing but to run away. THEN a few days ago my laptop got a virus. And we are still trying to get it cleaned up. I am on hubby’s laptop right now. This past Monday my digital camera biffed it, I was going to take pics of Molly’s honor roll celebration…dammit. I guess there is some truth to the saying, “When it rains it pours”.

I really didn’t want this post to be that gloomy, so I apologize. We have alot going on socially. Next weekend is our Christmas Parade. For Thanksgiving we are going to the inlaws for dinner. Then the next week is Molly’s 9th birthday. That entire weekend is her sleepover, trip to get our christmas tree, and family birthday party. Oh and I got three bikes on layaway at Kmart, they have to be picked up that weekend also. Then we will have our christmas party and then christmas will be here. Oh yea we also have a bake sale with spiral scouts, molly is working on a cooking badge. Talk about a hectic holiday season. I am hoping that excitement kicks in soon. It usually does but right now, I just can’t be excited yet and it makes me nervous. My mother wasn’t pleasant at the holidays and I don’t want my kids to experience that.

So I need to go and work on some papers. I am not going to rush to blog much. I will keep it at weekly, if I can do it more often..I will.


~ by alegna75 on November 15, 2008.

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  1. Understood… We’re down to one computer so it’s like pulling teeth for me to get anything posted too.

  2. Sorry it’s so hectic. My computer isn’t working either. Hope your luck turns around soon!

  3. When things aren’t going the way they should, it’s really time for a break. I’ve been talking a lot about it, doing things at our own pace, not a coincidence, I think. Take your time. Just take it easy and ew’ll be here!

    Kisses from Nydia.

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