Halloween Pics And A Vid

Ok so I finally did my vid of the yard. Pardon the pumpkins, we got a heat wave and they started rotting. YUCK! And my 8 year old daughter did the vid on my digital camera, so pardon the upclose shots of my belly and butt. Scary, I know. All in the spirit of Halloween, right? Yea, thats what I tell myself.

Now for some pics!

012-copy Our son got some eyeball bouncy balls and stuck them in my glasses.

Update on us: The girls got their report cards. Claire is doing great, just above average and has set her own goals on improving some things that are satisfactory. Her reading is EXCELLENT, she is at 3rd grade level and in 2nd grade. Molly is in 3rd this year and this is the first time she got number grades. She had 6 A’s and 1 B in handwriting. They put her in the A Honor Roll :)!! So Monday we have a ceremony to attend at 1 to see her get an award and have a snack. I am so extremely proud of her! Well I am proud of both but since this is actual grades and not an Excellent, Satisfactory, etc etc, its more exciting.

Molly has also started her own Book of Shadows. She is sorting out her thoughts and feelings about her spirituality and in short keeping her diary. She wants to read about egyptian goddesses for now, I hope to encourage her to read about some others as well. I found a Spiral Scouts Circle here in town. It’s a small group of 6 so she should be ok with it. She doesn’t handle large groups well. So Monday evening we hope to drop in and just check it out and see if its something she is interested in. If you haven’t heard of this group go to http://www.spiralscouts.org/. It’s alot like Girl/Boy Scouts but not gender specific and places a huge focus on how we treat the earth.

Claire is showing some signs of jealousy in the whole religion area. She doesn’t have an interest in my books or in paganism at all, so I think this is about attention. I spoke with Kyle earlier about taking her to Sunday School since she is expressly interested in going. I want her to visit several churches really, not just the one at the end of our street. I want her to get a varying aspect and choosing a church home before the discussion of baptism comes up, and I know it will soon. I can feel it.

This weekend we are FINALLY going to get our compost heap started. We have a section of our very large backyard over run by river cane (looks like bamboo and is a real pain in the ass to get rid of!). So we are drying a few reeds out and will get some chicken wire this weekend. I have been on hubby’s rear to decide when we would get this going since I am ecologically challenged. He knows all this stuff lol. So when I bugged him about tossing the pumpkins he was like well lets wait and get that compost heap started this weekend. YAY! Next on the task list is to keep an eye out for rain barrels, a food co-op nearby had them for $20 last spring, I hope I see some again there.

Ok I must run, I need to check on the elections. I probably shouldn’t. It keeps going back and forth and I am getting real antsy to just know who it will be.


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  1. Great video! The pictures are awesome too. Congrats on your daughter doing well in school! It’s a great achievement. =)

    I have never heard of spiral scouts. It sounds neat.

  2. I tagged you Angela! Check out my blog for details. =)

  3. Haven’t seen you post in a while, so I thought I’d check in and see if everything is okay.

    Hope all is well.

  4. Congrats on your daughters, it’s great that they’re doing so well at school! Loved the photos and the fun video, you hada cool Halloween time! Keep in touch!

    Kisses from Nydia.

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