My Economic Plan Comparison Paper

Ok I will have pics and a vid up very soon from Halloween. I have been working on this particular paper all weekend and haven’t had time to get the stuff from my camera.  My assignment for Economics was to read both Obama and McCains Economic Plans and to find 3 things that I liked with each and 3 things that I disliked. So obviously this invokes my own opinions. I may have said a thing or two people might disagree with, but I want everyone to understand this paper is based on opinions. It is also a lengthy read, so pee and grab some coffee/tea and get ready. You can also check out the candidates websites and read the economic plans for yourself and see if you agree with me.


Economic Plans

Obama vs. McCain


            I am going to start with Obama’s plan first and since I believe in pointing out the negatives before the positives, I will also start with my dislikes in his plan. First off, the very first thing I read about was the Emergency Energy Rebate he has in store for us. Unless I misunderstood, this was to give us a break from fuel costs at the pump. Unfortunately I think it’s just another Economic Stimulus Package, just labeled differently. That already didn’t work why on earth would we try that again? After the bailout for AIG how exactly will we pay for this? It just doesn’t sound plausible at all!


            One of his other ideas is to “Eliminate Income Taxes For Seniors”. This benefit will be for all senior citizens with $50,000 or less in income. Given the fact that the baby boomers are hitting retiring age and the current economic state, that is a huge chunk of people! Who exactly will be left with the tax liability? The rest of the working class! This may help win him votes but seriously I don’t think that the rest of us could handle that kind of liability. I would be for lowered taxes for the senior citizens. I am all for cutting them a bit of a break since they have worked longer than the rest of us. But to eliminate them totally would destroy us further in my opinion.


            My other real issue with his plan is guaranteed health care. No! No! No! I am completely against this. For one, nowhere in the constitution does it say that health care is a right. Secondly, the health care won’t necessarily improve. I had a friend from Canada where they have health coverage from everyone and his opinion was it was the worst type of care to have. None of the doctors that he ever saw really cared, they would get paid anyway so why bother caring? A good example of this is just visit the local Health Department. I have had to use them in the past, they were the ones who told me I could not have children. My three didn’t magickally appear. For that matter, I was treated like a number. I was not given any respect whatsoever, nor when I asked questions I actually told anything. Sadly, this is not just a regional issue as I have had to use the Health Department in Maryland as well…same exact thing.  By guaranteeing doctors automatic income into their pockets, I think they will do a huge disservice to the rest of us. You may get a chosen few who truly do care, but how long will that last?


            The first thing that I read that I did like, in Obama’s plan was his plan to improve transition assistance. Although jobs are not leaving the country at the rate they were in the past, I still think it is important to have something in place in case it does happen again. People are still fearing having jobs sent overseas. If they know they have options to improve themselves and keep themselves available for work, morale will improve. And when morale improves, people feel safe and content with their situation…which can contribute to improving our economic state.


            Secondly, his plan to reward companies that support American workers is great. Initially I didn’t go for it. But I had to really think about it. If they get breaks for employing American employees, that could lessen the burden of the current labor costs. The only thing I have to say about this is, in the long run it will have to have benefits that outweigh using illegal aliens to do the work. If it doesn’t this plan will never work.


            Lastly, I am thoroughly happy to see his plans in investing in clean energy and creating 5 million green jobs. This is has been the biggest topic for me. I have been wanting for someone to take the task on of us moving forward to being greener then using band aid solutions. Not only will we work at saving our planet, we will also become less oil dependent and providing work for those who truly need them. Finally, we could possibly go in the right direction for once!



            Now for McCain’s Plan. I want to start with this quote directly from his plan. “The United States will be telling oil producing countries and oil speculators that our dependence on foreign oil will come to an end, and the impact will be lower prices at the pump”. Ok, I am sorry but telling an oil company, country or anyone else isn’t going to suddenly cause prices to drop. As a matter of fact, this sounds more like a bully tactic instead of actually doing anything about our current situation. All I can see is that it will tick off other countries and then they will shut us off completely. Then what? We re-live the 70’s?


            This of course leads me to the fact that his plan seems to lead to more drilling instead of actually finding alternate solutions. He mentions them just a little bit but there is much more emphasis on oil. That, in my humble opinion, is not the solution we need!


            My other issue with McCain’s plan is the fact that he “believes in reducing barrier to trade”. That is all. No plan written down on how he wants to reduce the barrier, just that he believes in reducing the barrier. What exactly is he going to do??? I honestly don’t know how one would fix this issue. When I am looking at who to give my vote to I kind of need to know exactly how they are going to fix something.


            So what did I like? Well I really liked his position on the issue of bailing out mortgage lenders. His quote is “No taxpayer money should bailout real estate speculators or financial market participants who failed to perform due diligence in assessing credit risks.” I almost want to jump up and down and hug this man! I am tired of the banks not assessing their potential lenders properly and then we get stuck with the bill. That must end.


            Again, back to alternative fuels. I have to give him kudos for at least mentioning finding alternative fuel options including organics. Lastly, cheaper medications. I don’t see why a generic medication should be half the cost of a brand name medication. I can see a little bit of a difference, but 50%?? I do think that the medication companies have a right to make money, but when its so expensive that a person has to choose if they eat or take a heart medication…something is not right.

            I want to close this with the huge difference between both plans. I have to point out that Obama’s plan was very much as charismatic as he is. It is clearly written for the layperson and he tells you exactly what he will do. Reading McCain’s plan is like reading stereo instructions. On top of that, he never clearly tells you exactly what he will do. He only shares his position on a topic. To me, that is simply not good enough. I am still not sure who I will vote for. Obama’s health coverage ideas are what is holding me back from voting for him. And at the same time, McCain’s plan doesn’t have enough substance for my vote. Oh the joys of an election!


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  1. I’m gonna have to go back & reread this because my brain isn’t processing… but have to tell you… I tagged you back! Diff meme though… I got tagged in two almost at the same time!

  2. Wow. Even though it is early I read all that. It is a well thought out paper, and I agree with many of your points!

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