6 Random Things

I got tagged by Nydia on Six Random Things Meme about myself.
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Hmmmmm 6 things.
1. I really love to dip my french fries in Wendy’s Frosty’s. MMMMMM
2. As much as I hate watching soap operas, I will watch the VH1 celebreality shows. It’s my crack, what can I say?
3. I cannot eat freshly killed animals. I am ok with prepackaged meat at the store, but don’t kill a chicken in front of me and think I will eat it….NOT HAPPENING!
4. When i was pregnant with my first daughter I wouldn’t eat eggs cause I kept thinking how they were baby chickens.
5. I can out hula hoop everyone I know
6. I still look at the keyboard to type sometimes. I don’t need it for a, e, o, i, r, s, t, l, n but for every other letter I do. I took typing as a freshman in high school (yea I am dating myself aren’t I?) and have used computers since my mid sophomore year in high school. Thats ummm 18 years. And I still look. Pathetic isn’t it?
I tag:
Mike (or Heather if she wants)
I don’t have a 6th person cause everyone else has been tagged lol!

~ by alegna75 on October 31, 2008.

3 Responses to “6 Random Things”

  1. Interesting. 🙂

  2. Hello, girl! II also don’t watch soap operas, but I faithfull watch my series, like Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer, Medium, The Big Bang Theory… Go figure it!

    While I’m a fast typer, I do have to loo at the keyboard most of times, so I guess we’re both pathetic! LOL

    Have a great weekend.

    Kisses from Nydia.

  3. I look when I type most of the time. It’s okay though, I make millions of mistakes if i don’t. Some of my online friends gave me the nickname Typo Girl because I tried for the longest time to type properly, and it didn’t work! xD

    Have a good weekend.

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