Very Irate Over NC Senate Campaigns!

OMG am I pissed off right now. I don’t get to watch tv much so apparently this one campaign ad has been showing since Tuesday. Elizabeth Dole is running for Senate against Kay Hagan. Both of them have been irritating me with their stupid smear campaigns but this ad has totally gone overboard. While I do not share the beleifs of the Godless American Pac they are asserting their right to be represented. As a country that is supposed to have a seperation of church and state ALL persons should be represented. It absolutely sickens me that these grown women are resorting to using personal religious affliliations as an attack method. Helloooooo Mrs. Dole are you still in elementary school? You are obviously not fit to represent ANYONE since you can’t even behave like a rational adult woman! If I was Christian I would be offended by this high and mighty standard she is portraying. As a Pagan it scares me that she might represent me. As a person who stands for rights for EVERYONE and not just a specific group it angers me to no end how she is using a specific group to scare people into voting for her! Well babe, it backfired as far as I am concerned. I have been on the fence with most of everyone who is running because we simply put have one shitty election in store this year, in my humble opinion of course. So now I WILL NOT vote for Dole, I might have had she given me some substance before I go vote on Saturday. But no, you pull this idiotic bullshit. If there are 3 names for the Senate, I won’t vote for you Mrs. Dole or you Mrs. Hagan. The both of you are so ridiculously pathetic with your campaigns that I do not want to be represented by either one of you. 

Seriously, I cannot wait for the elections to be over with. I am so tired of it all! The phone calls, the tv ads, the people standing in front of the polls trying to persuade you to vote for their candidate, the news commentary…..I want it all done with!


~ by alegna75 on October 30, 2008.

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  1. I can’t wait for the mudslinging, phone calls, and commercials to stop either. I can’t vote this year, but my mom wants me to tell her who to vote for so I need to look at everything as if I were. This time next week things should be a lot less hectic!

  2. Totally with you and am ready for this to be over. In CA we have our prop trying to ban gay marriage and you bet the Christian folk have been all over it. Don’t know whatever happened to Christian love.

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