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Religious discussion in our home is always a big thing. With having a religiously blended family (hubby is Christian) we are very careful about what we say about each other’s religions. The goal is for us to help our children find the path that they belong on. It’s not always the most easiest of tasks.

Last night was our Ancestor Vigil. It is located beneath a new age shop called Mystic Journeys. My first shock came when my oldest asked if she could go. She has always been quiet about her spirituality and more than once has vocalized how private praying is for her. I have noticed recently that she has really really started quietly observing the religious things around her. When the new girl in her class told her she was from India, she instantly started reading up on Indian Fairy Tales. When she has been to church services she asks questions afterwards. Movie containing death have stirred up questions. So I knew she has been on her own quest to try and figure out her own place. So she asked and I had to contain my excitement and let her go. I gave her a short overview on what would go on so there were no surprises, she hates surprises lol. I have to mention that Molly is a very space oriented child as well. if you don’t know her don’t look at her or touch her. So I warned her about possible hand holding, hugs, etc. She amazed me. I guess something clicked within her because she got very into this. She sang along and sang pretty loudly, well for her anyway. When it came time to honor those who had tortured during The Burning Times, she jumped right in and helped read some names off. She still has her two slips of papers with the names, location, date, and type of execution. We decided we want to make a craft with them so we could honor them at home. When it came time to hug and wish everyone a Happy New Year she willingly hugged everyone within 2 feet of her. When we have taken her to church services I have never seen her get so involved. On the way home we talked some more and she decided it was time to reveal to me that she beleived in more than one deity. She says she beleives in a god and goddesses. I asked her if she had names for them and she said they had to be egyptian. Now I am the one obsessed with the ancients lol. So I did feel compelled to ask her if she thought she had to worship egyptian deities because of me or if she felt it in her heart. Her answer cracked me up! She said that the ancients were in my genes and since she had my genes she thought that she would worship them also. LOL I smiled at this but told her she needed to study and find her path. She could worship the ancients if she wanted to as long as it felt right. I also told her that at any time she wanted to worship another deity that it was her choice and I would help her find her way. 

Was I happy she is on this path? YES!! In some ways it makes it feel like it will be easier in our home to have a pagan child. I will have someone who is equally excited about sabbats, esbats, meditations, divinations, reading the latest books about various aspects of paganism. My only fear is that our younger daughter is adamant that she is Christian and I am afraid that in the future it could tear them apart. I just hope that we can teach them how to be respectful to each other even though they disagree.

So now I am trying to find books for her to read at home. She isn’t much for reading websites. She is a very avid reader and reads 2 years ahead of everyone else in her class. So now I need to find something that will hold her attention and teach her things. I have to say that while we were in Mystic Journeys she was very drawn to their table of crystals and gemstones. Geodes really excite her (I don’t blame her they are gorgeous!). So I want to find her a book about the effects of gemstones and crystals so she can read up on them. I can see her doing things with it.

Now this leaves me to wonder about our son. Which way will he go?


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  1. I really need to get my cousin to read your blog. She’s got 3 kids (2 girls & 1 boy) & the oldest girl is starting to look into Wicca… the others are still pretty little (although the boy shuns any mention of it right now… he gets upset if she calls herself a witch lol).

    As for them being torn apart… hopefully seeing how you & your husband handle it will help with that, show them how to be tolerant, etc.

  2. Awww my son doesn’t like it when I or anyone else refers to me as a witch. I have been trying to find pics of “good witches” so that I can help him understand I am ok. He is 3 though so its still kind of early I guess.

  3. I hope they won’t be separated by their beliefs. It sounds like you’ve done a great job with exposing them to everything so when it’s time they can make their own personal decision about it. Probably if your other daughter is Christian then she is a tolerant one having grown up in your home with your values and there won’t be a problem. 🙂 Happy Samhain!

  4. I’m glad your daughter is looking into her own beliefs now. I wish her luck on her journey! I hope things don’t become difficult for her in the future.

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