Party Time

So as promised I am going to talk about our very successful party.  To start I put off some cleaning so we had a bit more last minute stuff to do then I had wanted. I haven’t done a vlog yet, still plan to about the outside decorations.

During our cleanup session Saturday morning I put our halloween playlist on, just to get us in the mood. Well my lovely 3 year old decided it was time to strip down and shake his booty.

Ok so after that we got things ready. Sadly at 7 when our guests were arriving I was JUST starting to put on my makeup. How is that for timing? Over the course of the evening I think we had 30-45 people here. Now the kids were the first to arrive and I didn’t realize how hectic it would be. OY I ran everywhere, meeting parents I hadn’t met yet, pouring drinks for little fingers, making sure no one killed anyone else. I was also surprised at the amount of food we had. I had set this up as a potluck and you know how that usually goes. Normally only half of your guests actually bring something. HA! I think we maybe had 2 or 3 guests not bring something. And of course when they came in it was , OHHH YOU MUST TRY THIS!!!. And it had to be right away, no waiting…lol. Man I was full by 8:30. The best treat someone brought was by one of the kids. And he insisted that he helped alot in making them. They were vampire cupcakes. Yellow cupcakes with white frosting that had two fang bites in each one. Inside they had strawberry filling that was quite gooey and liquidy. Kinda like blood. They were awesome! By 9:30 all the kids, except the two that were spending the night, were gone. We then had a little seance to try and contact the spirits whom live here. Yep, I the paranormal investigator, happens to live in a haunted house. Now its not extremely active and they are quiet sweet spirits. Ok slight exaggeration cause the female doesn’t like me. She unintentionally scares my younger kids and I guess she sees me as a pain in the ass since I tend to step in. ANYHOW, we tried talking to them and HE was wanting to but as usual she pulled him back. After that we decided to head to a place called the Body Dump. It’s been used as a dumping ground by murders, ironically its a picnic area. We didn’t stay long. Something extremely unpleasant was there and I personally didn’t feel armed enough to keep myself safe. When I got home it was 1:30 am. Everyone started heading out and hubby and I set about cleaning up. Bed was at 2 am and my girls and their two buds were STILL wide awake. We threatened told them to be quiet or I would be calling someone’s momma. Never heard another peep!

So the party rocked and now its time to plan for our Yule/Christmas (Adults only) party. So now its time to show off what my hubby did by hand, NO STENCILS!!

And now for some pics!

 Alex stole a mask from one of the boys and was having a field day. I think I was supposed to be under attack when I snapped this one.

The kids hanging out and trading candy. My daughters are the one in the cheer outfit on the left and the girl in red and black at the top.

My friend Tammy is studying photography and videography. She took a ton of pics, some of them are really good. Not that any are bad persay but you will know what I mean soon enough lol. She is working on a project for school but when she is done she is going to bring me a cd full of pics. Then I will get the into the blog. More than likely it will be after Halloween as our schedules are hectic.

Ok I gotta run, got a baby boy who is not wanting to go to bed!


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