Rough Day

Party went great last night. Sadly I was unable to get much in the way of vids and pics. I will blog soon about the party. Sadly our dog is missing. My oldest was in the yard saying bye to her friends when they left (they spent the night) and she thinks she forgot to shut the gate since it was open and dog gone. Unusual since Maxie doesn’t try to get out, she could easily jump the fence. In the past we have accidently left the gate open and she not leave. I don’t know what is up but we cannot find her and I dread tonight when lil man expects his dog to sleep with him. I will post about the party in the next day or so after we (hopefully) find our dog and I get some pics from a friend, she is a photographer and was having a blast snapping pics last night.


~ by alegna75 on October 26, 2008.

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