Dog Update and Zombie Walk

 **UPDATE!!!** I found a video of the fun we missed.

Also I found my camera and got some vids and pics on the comp. I will do another blog post for those tonight!**


Well amazingly our dog showed up at the gate trying to get in. I had spent some time driving around the neighborhood and asking people if they had seen her, no one had. I have no idea where she went or why. I am just glad she is back. Alex hadn’t figured out she was gone and I was having a hard time dealing with possibly  telling him.

So Claire and I went to the Zombie Walk. She looked great in her old cheer outfit

Then I got ready

When we arrived there had to be a good 1000 people there. I got this one group in, couldn’t have gotten a good shot of all of the people with my cell phone.

When we arrived we were listening to local bands play, some were not my style so I people watched. Several of the zombies I saw were quite realistic. Claire thought so too, so much so that we ended up leaving cause she got scared. To backtrack a bit, her voice had disappeared last night. I think from screaming and laughing so much. So we stopped at the grocery store on the way home looking for some meds. HAHHAHAHAHAHA I was trying hard not to laugh cause so many people stared and then look away when I stared back. It was especially hilarious when I went by the meat section and the butcher stared. I couldn’t help it, I had to ask “where are the brains?”. He giggled when I said that. Claire in her hoarsey voice goes MMMMMM. So we ended up havinga bit of fun anyway.


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  1. This year is the first year I have heard about Zombie Walk. I live in San Antonio and assumed it was a SA only thing. Are you from San Antonio? Or is this a nationwide thing? What is it about? I’m really interested. 😛

  2. Sounds like a great day.

    I wish things like this happend near me, but as they don’t I’m happy that others get to enjoy them, regardless of where they are.

  3. 😀 cute. Glad your dog came home!

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