Picture Perfect

So party is tomorrow and I thought I would show some more pics of some things I have done around the house. I am going to take some vids tomorrow that will show a tour, post those to Youtube, then paste the html code here. Then I don’t have to type anything LOL.

First these are some gourds I painted and put on our coffee table.


I also put some candles on mirrors around the house. I had these mirrors left over from our wedding and figured I might as well use them.


The finished coffin!


A tattered curtain, Martha Style! I got this from Martha Stewart’s website. All it is is a trashbag cut in length. Ours is shorter than hers because it is hanging over our pumpkins.


Ok that is all for now. Will post again on Sunday!


~ by alegna75 on October 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Picture Perfect”

  1. I saw the curtain as a skirt pattern online lol… I’ve done the mirror candle thing before too & it always looks great. I can’t wait to see the rest of what you do!

  2. Hey Randilin from the Pagan bloggers network. I’m just surfing through the various members today and checking out the blogs and visiting. Thanks for being apart of our little group.

    The mirror thing looks great and so do the rest of the decorations…

  3. I love your coffin as well as the other decor. I keep thinking I should make some really small coffins for my daughter’s toy skeletons to sleep in. 🙂

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