Work and school has been crazy! Today the girls don’t have school so they are going to have to hang out at our office. Last night we got pumpkins carved. I cannot wait to take pics of them, I might try video since I want to do it at night when they are lit. Kyle did two traditional faces, one haunted tree, and then the goddess symbol for me. It was funny cause when he made the goddess symbol I invisioned him making one big round hole with two quarter moon holes on either side. He didn’t do it that way, he did it the total opposite where he cut out around the design. I was like I don’t think that is going to work. He got pissy. Once he lit it thought it turned out GREAT! I had to give him a big kiss and a “You were right!”. I got out of class early last night and the pumpkin smell was so heavy Molly and I went to the store.

Some of our tombstones are not staying in the ground right. The hard styrofoam ones I made are fine. The foamboard my friends made isn’t so great. Here is what I discovered, foamboard has grain. If you cut with the grain then the floral wire will go into the foamboard no problem. If you cut against the grain IT WON’T. It is like hitting a stud in the wall. So we picked up more floral wire and I am just going to hot glue it to them then see if they will stay in the ground that way. Right now they just fall over and stuff.

While we were out picking up floral wire I stopped into Hancock Fabrics that is right next to AC Moores (my craft store home!). They have a sale 50-60% off their halloween fabrics. I picked up 4 yards in 4 different styles. I didn’t really have anything specific in mind BUT I think we will end up making some decorative pillows out of them. I am going back on Sat Nov 1 cause then what is left will be at 75% and I need to get some black fabric for the back of the pillows.

Tonight Claire and I were supposed to go to the Haunted Trail but we aren’t going anymore. I had the movie Leprechaun on the other day. To me it was  cheesy horror flick. Claire didn’t think so. She disappeared into her room so I went asking her if she was ok. She let me know that it really bothered her. The haunted trail is going to be more intense than the movie so I told her we wouldn’t go. Instead me and her are going to roast pumpkin seeds, make acorn cookies, and clean house lol.

Party is tomorrow!! YAYY!! I still feel like I have a lot to do but I have one thing I am not doing anymore. I was going to make an eyeball cake but a friend emailed me last night. She is going to be picking one up at the store. I didn’t think I should be like NO I GOT IT so I said ok cool. I think I will instead just make sloppy joes in the crock pot and call them brain burgers. Then maybe have some buffalo wings and call those bat wings. We have alot of people bringing sweets so having some real food might be a good idea. Hubby still wants me to get a meat and cheese tray but eh I dunno. I can’t seem to think of a good gross name for a meat and cheese tray. So if you got a suggestion send them my way!

Ok I gotta get ready for school. I plan on making some vids tomorrow so I will be vlogging on sunday. So excited!!


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  1. I’d love to see your pumpkins photos!

    For the cheese & meat tray, why don’t you cut them with cookie cutters in the shape of ghosts or graves? Sory for my lack of imagination for names!!!!!!
    I wish you a great Halloween party tomorrow, may you have all the fun! Tell us everythng about it later! :o)

    Kisss from Nydia.

  2. Just to keep you even busier, I tagged you (do it afer the party is over and you’re fully recovered! LOL)


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