And It Hits

Last night my mother in law was going to take my kids for a night. This was to give us adults a date night and with our upcoming anniversary I would have loved to have had a date night. With Alex having vomited and having diarrhea we were hesitant to let any of the kids go. If it was viral it meant that the girls had it and were highly contagious since they weren’t showing symptoms. Then of course Alex was fine and dandy AFTER the decision was made. My mother in law went and picked up the kids’ two cousins since the original plans were to have all 5 at her house. Well I started kicking myself over the decision since it seemed like I had healthy kids and what not but we couldn’t change plans since the in-laws are about 45 min away. That all changed at 2 am. Claire began vomiting. What is up with kids vomiting in the middle of the night? Is it just mine that does this?  We did resolve our date night issue. My inlaws are going to take the kids Nov 1. We have a party to attend that day at a friends home so it ties in nicely. We were going to take the kids with us but I wasn’t sure if any other kids would be there to entertain mine, now I don’t have to worry at all. Anyway we get to have some adult socialization and then a date night afterwards. We are thinking maybe we will hit the $2 theater.

So today I have been realizing that I am going to have to really scrub the house down so that virus-anything dies before I have guests in. On top of that our mower isn’t working. Hubby got the bright idea to go to the office and grab the mower there. Guess what….it won’t work either. I swear I married a man that has some sort of mechanics defective gene or something. Lawn mowers and him DO NOT mix. We have gone through like 6 mowers in the last two years. He looks at them and they just die. And it isn’t ever something normal like needing a new spark plug (tried that) or oil (both are full). And yes we checked to see if it needed gas. So I think I am gonna call up a friend of mine and see if we can borrow a mower in the next day or so. It HAS to be before thursday.

Ok freaky weird. I stopped typing cause my friend with the mower called. Not only that he knew I was calling about the mower. I swear it kills me when we do that to one another. And yes he will bring the mower later on today so we can get stuff done. YAY! Now I wonder if I can keep him outside so I don’t risk getting him sick? I would hate to be rude like that though.

Just 6 days til the party and 12 days til Halloween!


***update*** I have been goofing around on photobucket again. I love how this turned out!



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  1. I love the pic! Sorry about the kids being sick though… That’s rough.

  2. Thanks and thanks! Baby boy rebounded quickly and it appears that my younger daughter is too. So if the oldest gets it I am sure it won’t stick around for long.

  3. Sorry your kids are sick. I don’t know why the vomiting always starts at night. When I was sick over the summer I first threw up at 2AM. Good luck wiht the mower!

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