Going Nuts Over Here

Sometimes I really revel in having a busy life. When things slow down I can only appreciate it for so long then I go nuts and feel a need to jam pack my days. This is NOT one of those days LOL.  I was up until 2 am working on a take home test that made me question whether or not I am in the right field (hubby says he struggled with the same stuff…..poor dear stayed up with me til midnight then I just made him go to bed). At 5 am our son decided it was a great time to vomit in the bed. I don’t know what is going on but he did this last week too. So I opted to stay home with him today BUT I had to take him with me to at least drop off my take home test that was due at 9 am this morning. One thing I have to say about my kids when they are sick, they sure as hell don’t act sick. If they did I think I would have a heart attack. Despite the vomiting and having diarrhea all day (I don’t even wanna tell you what happened in his carseat!) he is a happy camper wanting to go everywhere. When the girls got home from school, that’s exactly what we did. We ran for groceries, got some other things for hubby, then got pumpkins. Lil Man was dead asleep by the time we got the pumpkins, so no pics. I had to carry him and make my oldest carry the pumpkins towards the car where a nice man loaded them into the car for us. So if she couldn’t carry it, we didn’t get it. We got 4, one for each child and one for the parents. Kyle isn’t exactly happy about that. My problem is I can’t stand the smell that comes with pumpkin carving. So I can’t be here. That means he has to do it. And he is doing it Thursday night when I have a class. He got kinda snippy and said something about just one pumpkin to which I said “No, I like the look of four on our porch”. He will live. I may not LOL.

Once we got home we hung some ghosts and pumpkins from our big tree in the yard. These are the plastic bag things you get at the dollar store. We stuffed them last year with newspaper andthey come with twist ties and we hung them with that. They store well in a garbage bag so Lil Man handed them to me and Molly, she and I hung them. It is a super windy day today so it looked awesome to see our tattered curtain on the porch and the ghosts & pumpkins in the tree swaying. 

I just checked email a little while ago and I had a ton from people coming to the party. Needing directions and wondering what to bring kinda thing. I do beleive our turnout will be awesome. I am slightly frustrated with the weather though. I got gas this morning for the mower and wouldn’t you know it…..started raining on the way home. Our grass hasn’t been mowed in about a month. Between rain and gas shortage we haven’t been able to. I wanted to get our tombstones up this weekend but now I don’t know. Our grass is so thick it needs at least one day to dry out before we cut it, and its been drizzling or raining on and off all day. It’s not looking to good for a clear day tomorrow either.  Kyle said at least the jungle would give a creepy look to the tombstones, like an overgrown neglected graveyard. I wasn’t amused.

Oh well, it will all come together. It always does. Not much longer now and I get antsier by the minute!


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  1. I know what you mean about liking to keep busy. I’m the same way. If I have nothing to do I need to go for a walk or pick up a book. I’ve never been able to just sit down and do nothing for very long. xD

    Hope the rain stops for you soon. It rained all day yesterday for me.

  2. HI.. thanks for visiting my blog.. not many do I appreciated your comment and you
    are so right about the candy and stuff for halloween. Makes me wonder if there will even be much of one next year at all with prices the way they are. WE wil be lucky to get popcorn!
    Take care : )

  3. Yeah, don’t want to know what happened to the car seat! 😉

    The party sounds great though! Update us!

  4. Kalila doesn’t act sick (so far lol… hasn’t happened much yet thankfully) when she is either… confuses me. I suppose it’s a good thing, but I’m afraid I’ll miss something because of it!

    I actually had the same thought about the grass… If anyone asks you can say you did it on purpose… (they don’t have to know any different!)

    We’ve had rain too…. My husband works valet and was stuck outside in it for 3 hours, was so grumpy when he got home lol. Poor thing. I hope it stops for yall too!

    I’m sure you’re party will be great… don’t stress too much (hard not to do I know).

  5. Poor boy, I do hope he gets better soon! I hate when my little witch is sick, it scares meto death! How good he has an up high spirit even when feeling bad!

    Kisses with healing thoughts from Nydia.

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