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We have been so busy here lately. It’s a quarter month and our deadlines are the 15th and 31st, so work has  been nuts. We have also been steadily getting house super cleaned for the party and slowly decorating. It’s funny but I have to have the house shiny before I put up the fake cobwebs.

I did get the expected phone call today. The assistant principal called. It was great because she already knows us well and the conversation went great. Well sort of. So the woman demanded my daughter be moved to another class and the school said no. To begin with they have to break up all the Gifted & Talented children and dispurse them through the classes as even as possible. They in effect end up helping other students and the mediocre or academically challenged children actually learn more and easier from their peers thus no longer being mediocre or academically challenged in the long run. Secondly, the reasoning had nothing to do with things that occurred at school. Yes, my daughter brought an invitation to school for select students but it was for something outside of school hours and off school grounds. Therefore the school’s position is…well to be blunt, not their business. Lastly, they informed the woman that the child will be exposed to children of various ethnic groups, backgrounds and it is a learning tool on how to socialize with everyone. High Five for the school!! Ok well the woman was apparently NOT happy so she requested the school move her daughter which the school said they would have to investigate and see if there have been major conflicts on school grounds in order to justify rearranging children. If there was no evidence of major conflict with my daughter and hers (or my daughter vs someone else, or her daughter vs someone else) they would not move the child as we were well into the school semester. Why they have this position I do not know. I got the impression that they were being as much of a pain in the ass as this woman was being. Well apparently the woman decided this morning that this is her daughter’s last week at the school and she is pulling the child out to homeschool. On top of that she is threatening a lawsuit, only thing is I cannot see a lawyer taking this case. As much of a ass backwards town as it is, there has been no major threat to her daughter. So really even if she found a lawyer to take it, I can’t see anything coming from this. We will see I guess. I have not heard anything from Department of Social Services. I have NO idea how long they would follow up on a complaint, so I really don’t know if she has called or not. Looking at the extremes she is going to, I wouldn’t put it past her. So I am kinda pleased that she got her ass handed to her. I am very sad for her daughter though. I have nothing against homeschooling but when it becomes about your children only socializing with the likeminded…that scares me. In this day and age there are so many different kinds of people, if her daughter doesn’t know anything about them or have been around them….how can she effectively know how to handle them?

So that is the latest on the religion drama. I hope that if she goes through with suing and what not it just gets over and done with quickly and FAIRLY!


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  1. That was good of the school… I have mixed feelings on homeschool honestly. I’ve had friends that were & they ended up being way too nieve/sheltered etc… I’ve known some who were ok, but it has to be done right. After hearing how that lady reacted to a mere invitation – I’d be afraid for her daughter too!

    On the CPS sub… I have no clue how long it takes honestly… I know people (my mom being one of them lol) who’ve been reported unjustly but we didn’t know until after they showed up so no timeline to share… It may depend on how much they have going on… or she could have been all talk… but I agree she does sound like someone who would pull that. Hopefully she didn’t though… and even if she did you really don’t have anything to worry about, is just aggrivating. Good luck w/ that!

  2. Good on the school for sticking to their guns and not giving in to this bigoted woman. I feel sad for her daughter, that she has to miss out on school purely because of her mother’s bigotry. I, too, have mixed feelings on homeschooling. It can be done in a great way, or it can be an abysmal failure, depending on how it is conducted.

    If she is indeed starting a lawsuit, I can only see a judge throwing it out. How do you think you have a right to sue a school for having your child in a class with a child of a certain religion? Dumb ass.

  3. I am so sorry you are having this trouble. I know people act this way, but I am still surprised when I hear a story about it. It just blows me away to think that anyone can be so closed minded. I hope things don’t get any worse.

  4. Oh I’m so sorry for so much trouble! At least the school had a firm and great attitude towards it, not allowing this woman to threat them. What a stupid person! Poor girl, she must be all confused by now, so much trouble over nothing. This woman is so selfish that she prefers to take her daughter away from the environment she’s been the whole year just because the shcool didn’t please her desire. Spoiled mother! May the goddess protect this child.

    But now go ahead and try to think only on all the fun you’ll have at your party. You can’t open up other people’s minds, this is not your task…


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