The Start of Decorating

So I have been doing some housework and decorating today. Thought I would show off some of the pics I have taken.

First I am at odds on what to do about a hallway that leads into my kitchen. This is where we hang up jackets and umbrellas. I started out with it decorated with gargoyles, a tombstone candle, broomstick, and some webbing.

But then I played with it and decided some magickal books and one gargoyle would be better.

Now I am not sure which looks better. People will see this area quite a bit since it is across from our half bath, otherwise I wouldn’t think twice about it. Anybody got some input.

Ok so now I wish to interrupt this blog post and tell you what wonderful thing my son just did. He saw a spider. He is eating dinner. He decides now is a good time to be brave and smoosh said spider with his dinner fork. Anybody want him? He is free!

So moving on…..I got this next decoration at Ross’s for about $8. I couldn’t help it, I fell in love with it. So we put it on our door.

Isn’t it cute??? And speaking of cute, I couldn’t beleive I found this next peice at the Dollar Tree. If you don’t have a Dollar Tree, everything is a dollar in the store.  Anyway, I had gone to pick up some webbing and found this adorable hat.

The next item I want to show off is a peice my daughters made with my mother in law. She had an old Good Housekeeping laying around and found a pattern for a skeleton using paper plates, paper clips, black electrical tape and black marker. If I can ever find it online or get the pattern from her on here somehow, I will happily pass it on.

Hm, didn’t realize I was on zoom there. I need to get a full length picture and post it.

The very last peice I am going to show off was a gift from my mother in law. Many years ago, my husband’s parents went to a costume party dressed as cavemen.  She hand dried some bones that she got from a butcher and strung them up as necklaces. She gave them to me and  now its hanging in an archway that is between our dining room and living room.

So that is how much deco we have up right now. I will add more later when it gets closer to our party. I need to work on getting the yard mowed. With the shortage we have slacked at keeping our lawn trimmed. So when we get that done I will set up our graveyard, put some webbing on our fence and hang some of our ghosts from a tree. I also have candles to put everywhere (in black, orange, and purple of course) but I have to get the holders good and clean first. The got a bit dusty in storage.

Hope you all are enjoying the season as much as we are!


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8 Responses to “The Start of Decorating”

  1. Everything looks great. I happen to like the books in the window better, it’s “fuller” looking. I don’t think we’ll be doing much decorating this year with just moving here we don’t have any saved decorations so we’ll go all out on the “after” sales and have the best house on the block next year.

  2. Thanks! I think I will be keeping the books up. I agree. there is a fuller look to it.

    I am sorry you have no decorations but hey, its about what is in the heart really. I love post holiday sales, I cannot wait to stock up on some new decorations to add to our collection for next year!

  3. Loving the Potions sign 🙂

  4. Whoa, awesome! Fit for Halloween, LOL.:)
    I love the 3rd and 4th picture. Really cool!:D

  5. Your decorations looks really nice!
    I won’t decorating this year sadly…I’ll just be going trick or treating with my siblings.
    I really wish I could decorate this time though!! 😀

  6. Oooh, for the window? Get to the store and buy a roll of cheesecloth. You can usually find it in the section of the store that sales tin foil and plastic wrap, but in a plastic package (in case you aren’t familiar, lol).

    Unroll that puppy, cut through it lengthwise (it usually comes like a cloth tube), so you have a one, flat piece of material. Start stretching it out, so that it rips and stretches a little. It will end up looking like old, shredded material. makes a great creepy “curtain”. (This is actually my “Creepy Craft” for tomorrow, if you want to see a picture!)

    I’d LOVE that paper plate template if you find it!

  7. The theme on my blog is Regulus by Ben Gillbanks, do a filter search for cust. color and there it is. I’m on a free account as well.

  8. Your decorations look very nice and inviting.

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