Adding Halloween To Your Everyday Life

I am accused of being too fanatical about Halloween. OH WELL!

Here is my own list of fun things to do to add a little bit of Halloween into the mundane aspect of our lives.

1. Look around for some great Halloween wallpapers and screensavers for your computer.  I like, she even offers coloring pages for the kiddies!

2. Add Halloween type ringtones and wallpaper to your cellphone.  I use Myxertones religiously! For Verizon customers, you will need to download the ringtones to your computer then email them to your phone. They give step by step instructions and it is really simple.

3. Watch Halloween episodes of your favorite tv show. I know that it’s early in the month and some shows won’t air a special for awhile, thats when you hit youtube . If your still not finding anything to your liking check out Ghosthunters , Destination Truth , Haunted, Scariest Places on Earth, and Scare Tactics.

4. Each weekend leading up to Halloween watch one scary movie. Anything from Bela Lugosi in Dracula to Saw. If you don’t have kids and have no intentions of going out on Halloween night watch a movie then all its sequels (ie: Scream series, Halloween series, Nightmare on Elm Street series).

5. Have a party! Have just a handful of people or fill your house up with every single person you know. Have a slumber party, a potluck party, a costume party, a get-wasted-and-tell-your-scariest-story party…live it up.

6. Put out one peice of Halloween decoration up in your house each day. If your weekdays are just too busy, put a few peices out each weekend. This will lessen that tedious task of covering every square inch of your walls in bloodstains by breaking it up a bit. If your decorating your outside as well, leave that for last and do just a bit at a time.

7. Visit a haunted house or a haunted trail just once. Make it a date night or a GNO (gals/guys night out). If you love it, go back once more before it closes for the season.

8. If you have kids, visit a halloween superstore. Don’t have to buy anything! It’s helpful to see what is out there, get a good look at it and figure out how to make it yourself (thats the fun part of the holiday!) My kids think hitting the halloween store is a trip to disney LOL.

9. Make a costume. It’s easy to buy those store bought ones but be creative. Pull out some old clothes, see what you have that you can use and make something unique. My younger dd is going to be a zombie cheerleader using an old cheer outfit she has from the last basketball season.

10. Go see one horror movie in the theater. As I recall Saw V is coming out Oct 24th, what a way to bring in the holiday…..a horror movie on the big screen! If you have the cheapy theaters, check and see if they are bringing in any horror flicks.

11. Play Spooky Slots at

Have a Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween!


~ by alegna75 on October 3, 2008.

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  1. You can never have too much Halloween!!

  2. Fun ideas! How about make a mix CD of Halloween/scary songs?

  3. Mrs. B I totally agree!

    Mike – good idea!

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