Need Some Help From My Witchy Sisters

First, do you carve pumpkins and what do you carve…traditional faces or something more witchy?

I have been looking for stencils for pumpkin carving and having no luck. I can find traditional stencils or some more complex but they are of cats, spooky houses, and things like “Boo”. We are going to be debuting our pumpkins at our Halloween party (the 25th) and I would rather my pumpkins have more of a pagan feel then scary. We usually have 4 pumpkins (one per kid and then one for daddy and me). One will probably be a cat and we have that stencil already. I was thinking of the triple goddess symbol but we suck at drawing and would prefer a stencil but GAH I can’t find one. I am open to a ton of suggestions as I need to give the kids a few options….I am praying one of them doesn’t say “Mommm I want hannah montana/cheetah girls/ thomas the train on my pumpkin!”. If they do, well I will let them cause I am a softie.

And to all my readers, witches and muggles (ok sue me but I think that term is super cute…if it offends though let me know!), I will be doing alot of posts about Halloween this upcoming October. It may be some craft projects, recipes, scary stories, the history of Halloween, or a personal story about our trips to a haunted house or past Halloween’s that were just amazingly fun. It won’t be quite like MrsB’s 31 days of Halloween but I hope that it be fun and informative. i will also probably change the color (and maybe the layout) of my page, so if you show up one day and it looks oddly different that’s why. I will be guest blogging on MrsB’s page with coffin making ( a prop but sturdy enough it can hold a 6-foot man!) so on that day that it is posted I will be providing a link for everyone.


Oh and on another note I made our Halloween Party Invitations today!! I got some old-ish looking paper in the scrapbooking section at the craft store. The wording is as follows (but in creepier looking text):


Enter the graveyard if you dare.
Go past the ghosts to the Demon’s lair.
Hold on, hold on with all your might.
Do all you can to survive this night.
If you are strong, brave and bold…
Accept this summons you now hold.
Join us in fun, but always be aware…
That terror and fright will also be there!

Then it has date time and location (we renamed the location as the Pippinger Graveyard).

Then I added: Please be in your spookiest costume and bring your most poisonous treat!

Hee hee hee, isn’t that cute?? And here I sit not wanting scary pumpkins but I make an invite like that. Anyway I must go, I am off to Lowe’s to get the last of the wood for the coffin that we are making tomorrow. YAY!


~ by alegna75 on September 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “Need Some Help From My Witchy Sisters”

  1. Do you have a picture program on your computer? Like “Picture It”? You could take some pagan clip art and resize it in one of those types of programs and use that for your stencil.

  2. Added to above… if you don’t you can always do the same in the paint program.

    Oh, and the Muggle thing made me smile lol.. (and I needed a smile right now)

  3. I like your invitations. Sounds like you will have a great party.

  4. I have the paint thingy on my computer so I will try that. Thanks!!!

  5. I was going to suggest what Mrs. B. and Mama Kalila suggested. I’ll see if I can find the file we used for my logo so you can use those if you want 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with

  6. We carve and use power tools. The drill makes for some very cool pumpkins. 🙂


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