Gas Shortage Part Deux

Well its getting worse. I started taking the bus today. Hubby tried to get gas. After waiting 30 minutes it was his turn. Guess what?? No gas!

I have read message boards and comments on blogs about how the media has made up the whole story about the southeast being out of gas. I see that and all I can do is laugh as I watch people pushing their cars down the street in hopes of getting it to a safe place where they don’t have to worry about the city towing the vehicle. I laugh as I sit on a bus that is filled to capacity…complete with people standing shoulder to shoulder in the aisles because the seats are taken. Today the community college decided to close at 4:30 with a tentative re-opening date of Monday. Yea, the media has TOTALLY made this situation up!!!!

This morning as I got onto the second bus I had to take in oder to get to class (I take Rt1 to downtown and transfer to Rt 18 to AB-Tech) I see a familiar face. Why it’s John Le from WLOS, our local news station. HAHAHAHAHA I think.I text friends with “You know the gas shortage is bad when the news crew has to take the citybus!”. Ok not really, they were there filming about how people are using public transportation to continue with daily life. Naturally they were swooned by my charm ( read that as I was the closest person to them that started riding the bus cause of the gas shortage) so they interviewed me. I think I will be on tonight, I may update with a link later on.I checked to see if it was online and it wasn’t yet so I don’t think it aired on te noon news.

Do I think this situation will clear up in the 8-10 days that city officials claim? Hell no! Even if we did get a decent gas flow people will horde it. That alone makes the situation worse! I think this will be around for a few months. When schools start shutting down….you know its going to get worse before it gets better.



As promised I here is the link to the news cast. Camera dude was on my left so they show a closeup of me twice, the second time you hear me say “Be Nice”.  I feel robbed though. My 5 min interview got cut down to 2-2second blurbs. Dam you John Le!!

Many thanks for the well wishes from my readers! I know that things may get worse but I can get through this. It’s not easy to get by without gas but my situation is nowhere near as bad as it is for some others. OUr bus system only goes so far, many people in the rural areas suffer harder because they don’t have as many options. I find it pretty hilarious that we are not getting as much national coverage of this situation as it deserves. Tonight on the news we are hearing that big oil companies are allocating what we get and they won’t give us more even though its there. Isn’t that nice? Don’t you think that deserves national attention??? But nope, we get a blurb in a newspaper or two. I heard we had a 30 second spot on CNN and I personally saw a one minute segment on GMA several days ago but it covered just Atlanta. I think if more people heard what was going on, more people would step up and start some serious regulations.


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6 Responses to “Gas Shortage Part Deux”

  1. Visiting from ILCW and the gas shortage was featured in a big article under the National section of the Los Angeles Times. What a mess and best to you and your family.

  2. Holy crap! That’s crazy!

  3. What a mess! Hoping that it gets resolved PRONTO!

    Here from ICLW.

  4. Wow, I know I missed watching the news for a few days, but I truly had no idea. Hopefully the situation is resolved soon.


  5. I heard about this, but not on the news- it was on another blog written in Nashville. They said some gas stations were hiring security guards and lines could be 2 hours long. We don’t have this issue in the Midwest, except during last week’s blackout when only a small handful of places were open. I hope this resolves soon!


  6. I just moved from Atlanta so I know that it is real but the weird thing is that it is not even a bit of a problem in Kansas. No problem getting gas and it is only $3.19. I don’t get how there can be such a huge difference. It is just odd. (shaking head in disbelief)

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