Gas Shortage

So if your in the southeast you know that we have reverted to the gas crisis of the 70’s. I heard this morning that other regions aren’t experiencing this shortage…perhaps I am wrong though. On the news are reports of people fighting over gas. Cops are being called to all stations BEFORE they open to keep the peace. I myself am not sure how I am going to get home today. It’s a humbling experience to suddenly being unable to function. I don’t live all that close to work or school. It’s by no means a long commute but walking would take one hour to school and another 1 1/2 hours from there to get to work. I am fortunate that my sons daycare is literally at the end of our street. My girl’s ride the bus and there isn’t a shortage of diesel right now so thats another great thing. I can walk to a grocery store within 20 minutes (a prior 3 minute car drive). And I don’t mind walking, but we don’t have alot of safe walkways. If everything stays the same (like we cannot get gas at all today) I will have to walk to school in the am. This means walking in ditches since that is the shortest route…and that will take an hour. If I take the longer route with more sidewalks it will take 2 hours. My first class is at 9 and daycare doesn’t open til 8. If your not experiencing the gas shortage, my advice to you is to learn how to live without gas. I don’t mean give up your vehicle completely. I mean….learn to be self sufficient and not so heavily relied on luxuries (yes gas is a luxury!). We live in a “microwave oven” society. We want what we want and we want it now. We aren’t patient enough to wait and in alot of cases are unable to actually work for anything. We want to add water and get instant results. If you were here now you would understand why I am giving you this advice. I don’t blame the government or the president. Alot of people are right now. Sure, it seems like someone is slacking in getting the pipelines running to full capacity BUT I need to be able to live my life and not depend on a governing body to fix my problems. It’s funny but we complain that there is too much government involvement but when shit hits the fan….we want Big Daddy to step in and make it ok. And really all the government does is band aid solutions. It’s up to us individuals to get through the hard times and demand that the long term solutions get worked on. We have so much potential to become less gas dependant and yet we will sit in a line for 2 hours to get 5 gallons of gas and complain about the oil companies getting rich. It is imparative that WE THE PEOPLE actually get off our duffs and do what we can to make our lives more self sufficient.

And on a last note, I hear alot of blaming the President. I want to remind everyone that he is NOT responsible for as much as he gets blamed for. Yea, he hasn’t been the greatest. However, Congress has the final say on most things. So if you want to blame anyone, look at the people WE vote into Congress.


~ by alegna75 on September 23, 2008.

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  1. “And on a last note, I hear alot of blaming the President. I want to remind everyone that he is NOT responsible for as much as he gets blamed for. Yea, he hasn’t been the greatest. However, Congress has the final say on most things. So if you want to blame anyone, look at the people WE vote into Congress.”

    My hubby and I were just saying this the other night!


  2. Excellent post!!! We were just talking today about how people have forgotten about personal responsibility. We’ve lost our humanity. Instead of helping ourselves and our neighbor we say it is the governments job to do everything for us. In doing so we are actually losing our freedom. Gas isn’t a problem in the midwest yet but I just moved from the south so I feel your pain.
    Here via ICLW.

  3. You know…when my husband first presented me with his dream of Organic Sustainable Farming becoming our future, I balked. Not because of the farming bit (that is in his blood and heart) but the sustainable – we will not depend on anyone for anything not even the power grid – part.

    Now, I think he’s a genius. Thanks for helping put everything in perspective for me!

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