Finally Got It Fixed!

Well we finally got my laptop situation fixed. The C button is still stuck so hubby picked me up a keyboard that has a usb port. So now my laptop is much more like a desktop with this keyboard hooked in lol. The greatest thing is now I don’t have to go to my office to type up papers. I have two due in December, one 4-6 pages and the other a bare minimum of 10….so yea I was stressing. Some friends also gave me a color printer that they no longer wanted, yay! Maybe I can get around to printing up some wedding pics from our wedding day ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO!

So our schedule moved around a bit. Tonight we are having dinner at Denny’s. The kids are in the birthday club and we have two coupons sitting and waiting to be used. After that Claire and I are going to Build-A-Bear to get her bear and then run errands. Both girls need tights for tomorrow and I still have nothing fitting for a tea room.

Earlier I paid our water bill and our cell bill. I hate how as soon as I get a nice sized check it all goes out the window. I made claire’ eye appointment for Sunday so I can pretend to be somewhat rich until then LOL. My biggest mistake was paying the cell bill. Usually we do that online. When I arrived I had to sign in electronically and then wait for someone to call me. Had I had exact change I would have been able to use a kiosk. But nooooooo I got to walk around looking at cell phones and accessories. I ended up purchasing a headset. I hate how every time I drive is when someone calls. And I abhor talking while driving so someone ends up bitching that I take forever to get back to them. So now if they call I have a handsfree set that is at least legal. I still don’t want to use it much. Anyway, I am digressing here. The good part about being sucked into buying more hardware was it bumped me up in line since someone wanted to make that sale. I never worked in a cell phone store before so I am assuming by his fierceness to sell the headset to me (all of $20) that he is on commissions.

Later I need to go to Lowe’s and pick up the wood for our coffin and mummy. Can’t beleive it but our halloween prop making get together is a week from tomorrow!!! I beleive we have 41 days until Halloween!!! YAY! I printed up some epitaph verses today for our tombstones, I got the styrofoam and paint yesterday for them.  All I need to do now is see if my mother in law has an old sheet she doesn’t want and bring it to me tomorrow so I can tea stain it Sunday. Ohhh anddddd our paranormal society is going to the haunted trail in town the week before halloween. I kinda started this tradition last year when I forced talked people into going with me. We had such a good time that someone beat me to suggesting it this year LOL. I am getting all giggly sitting here just thinking how quickly Halloween is on its way. I may have to change my layout color to reflect the holiday. Maybe I will do a themed post once a week or something.

Ok well now I am just rambling. I will take pics tomorrow of our tea party and try to get them posted by Sunday!


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  1. Hey, do you think you could take pictures of the coffin building and “guest blog” on my blog during October about how you build one? That would be so cool! If you are interested, email me at

    mrsbbradley at hotmail dot com

    (sorry for the weirdness, but trying to avoid spam crawlers, lol!)

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