Rambling Rambles & Appreciation

Well my laptop is almost fixed….we think. Hubby was able to get some of it working. I can’t use the numbers *unless I use a number pad*, left clicker of mouse, and the letter c. All but the latter I can get around. Try writing a synopsis about Citizen Kane and relationships *both interpersonal and intrapersonal* and you will realize you need that C button alot more. It’s almost as bad as missing a vowel! So tonight I type it on hubby’s laptop and put it on my usb and print it at work.

Saturday is Claire’s birthday celebration. I was supposed to pick up cupcakes sunday night for her to take to school and a cake for us to have for dinner. Her birthday was Monday, she is 7 now *sigh*. Anyway between the storms we hit coming home and the gas shortage here in town….it didn’t happen. I got creative and grabbed some chocolate granola bars left from the car trip and formed the number 7 and put 7 candles in them. She was surprised and then killed me with “Mommy I thought you forgot”. Poor thing thought I forgot her birthday! My mother in law has setup a tea party for us gals on Saturday at 3:30 at Chelsea’s Tea Room . In the am I am taking Claire to the mall and we are gonna hit Build-A-Bear. She has been wanting to go forever. What she doesn’t know…and of course I know this….they have High School Musical Bears. I am sure you can guess what she is going to want! I am also going to take her to lunch. Anndddd we are going to find me something to wear to the tea party. I don’t have anything real dressy and the child has insisted that her party this year be a girly dressy thing. The irony gods are probably really enjoying torturing me. I won’t be wearing pink though!

I am also going to the Mabon ritual Saturday night. I can’t wait. I feel like I have come flailing out the broom closet LOL. It’s not that I have hidden being pagan (ok sometimes I have for sake of my kids) but I don’t advertise it either. I have finally found a decent group of pagans in town whom are the warm and open people I crave so desperatley. And it’s nice to celebrate holidays with them. So far none have tried convincing me to join a coven. I don’t have anything against covens….its just not my style. I tend to very private and since my magickal workings are based on the Ancient Egyptians, I don’t do things like casting a circle. Anyway, I am rambling (ha, hence the title!).

Onto my appreciation. Hubby and I know a great family. They have passed onto us furniture they  don’t need, clothes their kids have outgrown, and basically anything in their storage unit. Recently they have hit a new high in great deeds. They paid our $400 cell phone bill. They won’t admit it, but we know. Let me explain. First off we got behind on the bill. Once those pesky fees hit the next thing we know its $400. I am getting a check this Friday that would cover the bill. Hubby had talked to the woman of this lovely family that morning and she asked what happened to the cell. He told her it had been cut off and would be back on by this weeknd when we could pay it off. She asked then what carrier we had and he told her. He thought it was just simple conversation. Well he hung up and called our cell provider to let them know when we would be paying. The customer service rep puts him on hold for several minutes while they look up our account, why it took so long we don’t get. Well when the rep came back on she informed him that it had been paid off. He asked them to verify the account number because we didn’t pay it. She confirmed it and then gave him the confirmation number of the paymen (like that did us any good). Hubby said he kept asking if they were sure. LOL he said the rep was getting irritated and probably thought it was some kind of joke. We are dam sure its this family because they were the only ones who knew who our carrier was and that our phone had been cut off and when we would be paying it. Hubby saw the woman today and asked her about it, we want to pay her back. He said she flinched a bit but said she knew nothing about it. Who knew that kindness like that existed anymore? I mean REALLY…think about it. I would like to think I would do something like that if I had cash sitting around to do with what I want. ANd I do try to help out friends and whatnot. But paying off a $400 phone bill without expecting payback is simply amazing. Hubby and I have decided we are going to get some gift cards to their favorite restaurant so that they can go out and have a nice dinner. We will do it over time so that eventually they get $400 worth of dinner….and they can’t say anything about it.


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  1. What an amazing gift of kindness! If they don’t accept the gift cards, mail them to a friend in another area to mail to the family, without any return address. This way, you can “deny” that it’s from you, and they can’t help but accept the gift.

    On of our best family friends lost his job a while back. He and his family were struggling while he searched for another job. He refused to admit how bad things were getting, and refused any help what-so-ever. We (and the other family in our trio) took to buying gift cards for the local grocery store and we’d mail them to friends all over the country, who would in turn mail them to our friend. This way, the postal codes were coming from everywhere but us, so he couldn’t do anything but accept the help! It was actually a lot of fun, finding a new place to have them mailed from every week!

  2. Thanks for the idea! I was wondering what exactly I would do if they refused the cards. If more people did good deeds for each other I think we would be alot happier in general as a society.

  3. The broom closet comment made me smile because my cousin uses that phrase (she’s wiccan). She knows others online, but not many in person just because of where she lives. I didn’t realize Mabon was so close though… I’ll have to find her an ecard (I try when I remember)

    The bday stuff sounds like fun… I’m trying to get stuff ready for my daughters, but it’s a little farther away (a little over a week).

  4. I love hearing about good deeds. You see so many not so nice people in this world, it’s nice to know that good people still exist. That’s a great idea about the gift cards too. And I liked the comment above about mailing them from all over the country. That sounds like a really fun idea.

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