Pics From My Eventful Weekend

I have so much to do and two of my kids woke up with diarrhea so I get to stay at home for a few hours. Hubby has two meetings this morning that he can’t postpone so when he is done with those he will come releive me so that I can go to work and get some payroll done. So I have some time to show off pics from this weekend!

First off, my favorite thing over the entire weekend was meeting Kane Hodder. He is a stuntman and he is the ONLY man who has played Jason Vorhees more than once (four times as a matter of fact). He is also VIctor Crowley in Hatchet and played Ed Gein in the movie Ed Gein. He has a new movie coming out in March of 2009 called BTK about….you guessed it….the BTK killer. He is a super nice guy, loves the paranormal AND will spend hours upon hours talking to his fans (we experienced this at the VIP party on friday night.

 When he came around the table for the pic he askedme if it was a friendly or violent pic. I was like “Violent”. He grabbed my neck but not with any pressure. Me and my genius big mouth says “Man do it harder, I expect more out of Jason”. SO he choked me. I was trying to breath and laugh at the same time. SO much for a creepy pic or anything. Oddly, there was something somewhat erotic about his strength. He could have seriously snapped my head clean off.

Some of the coolest items were for sale at the booths. One of my favorites were the paranormal babies.

   THis vampire baby was myfavorite one of thm all. I didn’t have $30 to buy one though.

Another awesome thing was getting to meetup with my online friend Bobbi. I have known her online for a couple years and as soon as she found out I was gonna be in her hometown we made plans. On the same day we got pics with people that had great costumes. Funny thing was, we were asked by non-costumers to pose for pics for them as well. It got to me head for a few minutes lol.

 So much for being scared, eh?

On the paranormal note I got to meet Patti Star and Chip Coffey.

   If you don’t know who Chip Coffey is, he is from Paranormal State and Psychic Kids on A&E. I personally do not care for him on tv however I discovered he is a great guy with an amazing sense of humor. It has to be the editing because whom I heard speak is not the same one on the shows, just same voice lol.

 Patti Star is an investigator with GhostChasers International and a psychic. She has a ghosthunters shop in Lexington KY. SHe also was the one who organized the entire convention and did an amazing job. Honestly, I didn’t know that it was a first year con. I haven’t been to a large one before but this one went so smoothly and was just a huge blast. Patti is also a petite little thing, I felt like an ogre next to her LOL. I honestly was super careful about touching her cause I was afraid I would break her or something. SHe was cool about it though, just basically laughed at me.

And that is the weekend in a nutshell. There really was so much more to it. THe midnight movies on 35 mm film were a great little trip into the past and was very enjoyable. The haunted house on Saturday night scared me to death and I can’t wait to go back to it. The people in costumes was fun, we saw so many different things. All of the booths and psychics on hand….everything was just amazing. Hubby, oldest daughter, and I will be in attendance next year. We are already planning our costumes lol.


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  1. Wow! Sounds like a great time! My son goes to anime conventions, does the costumes and everything. He always has an amazing time.

    Those dolls look scary as crap!

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